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To be honest, the reasons I hated Sakura were because

- IMO, she didn't do much fighting compared to Naruto & Sasuke. Maybe that is a bad comparison but at least the other female in the Konoha 11/12 were able to fight.

- I was impressed by Sakura's intelligence but that was quickly ruined by her annoying way of telling everyone that she knew the answer. Although I have to admit the tidbits she provided were quite entertaining.

- She undermined Naruto and his potential (to some extent) and was more worried about Sasuke.

I apologize if those aren't valid reasons but they are my own. I would like to hear your insight though to see your views on it. ^__^
Well I believe that the hate towards her was more induced because of the anime, not the manga.
In the anime they totally took things out of the box.

1. True, she didn't do much fighting, but she was always on the defensive and helped the best she could. Also, let us not forget that the other females in K11 they all had something special about them, they were from a clan or something like this.
Sakura had nothing, just her intelligence.

2. I have never seen this behavior on her, to be honest. Maybe it was in the anime? Because in the manga, the only time I have seen her doing it was when she explained chakra to Naruto.

3. Yes, that was what she did in the beginning, for life few chapters, but afterwards, Sakura was the only one to praise Naruto when others saw him as a failure.

I will have more insight to these, as I said, in my upcoming thread.
It might just take a while because it's some sort of Sakura analysis from Chapter 2-3 where she appeared until the last chapter she appeared and that will take a long time.
But maybe after that we can have a chat?
It's really nice to see people open to discussion regarding Sakura. ^_^