im not hating on sakura (although i don't particularly like her) but ill say this.

Naruto surpassed jiraiya coz he was an uzumaki (senju linage)
Sasuke surpassed orochimaru coz he was an uchiha
Sakura will not be able to surpass tsunade coz she is a senju and sakura is a haruna which is not exactly special
even if tsunade teaches her all her techinques she would not be able to use them on the same level.
most of the things you put there are things you want to happen not things that could happen.
evreyone knew about the 1st hokage's wood, jus coz shes the one who said does not make her the only one.
sakura learning bringer of darkness through tsunade. really?
what kakashi and chiyo saw in sakura was potential and potential is not always lived up to. i mean compare her growth to that of sasuke's and naruto's.

i personally think ur clutching at straws and making up ways you think could make sakura stronger but i think its too late for that but hey im not kishi, lets see what he does