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She was told by Kakashi to stay on the back and protect Tazuna and she did it the best she could. Funny enough, Kakashi put her to guard him for few days until Naruto and Sasuke will get through with their chakra control training.

Yeah, K11 used to be so much fun in part 1. Like you said, there was something unique about every single one of them that made you stick to show. And from my point of view, every single one of them was enjoyable in their own way.
I do like the characters now but I don't have the same enjoyment because I know it's going to be a Naruto who will save the day or a Sasuke who will kill someone.
And this is getting already boring.
we're off topic now but ill say this... your right its like kishimoto only has naruto and sasuke killing people.....shikamaru is capable of killing someone on his own, and choji is close (with his butterfly mode)...everyone else in k12 is fodder now....neji use to be the sh*t ....but eversince naruto beat him, he's drop insanely.....shino is undefeated and has amazing talent.....hinata has improved....ino is the same but has MUCH better teamwork...ten ten had her moment with fan (kinkaku and ginkaku's tools)....rock lee is still highly capable of being strong with his gates...kiba has gotten stronger and a better sensor....then there is sakura, she needs a developement because she is tghe only one on team 7 without any upgrades....

kishi changed the entire story after sasuke left the village and part 2 started....part 2 is OK but nowhere near as interesting as part 1