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first of all good effort :ice:

you are assuming that this series will go on extending another 2 years which we dont know for sure that being said
Now to counter this thread


You have basted this theory on the Jiraiya=Naruto ,Orochimaru=Sasuke, Tsunade=Sakura and the old mythology tale Kishi got these names from.

Kishi only took the names and their animal association from the tale not their actual power or plot that to the point it might reflect in Naruto manga.

In that tale Orochimaru dies and Tsunade and Jiraiya lives happily every after that will not happen in Naruto bcos well Jman is dead and Orochimaru is alive ... My point here is everything that happens in that tale will not happen in Naruto so Tsunate using slug sage mode is totally upto kishi and not bcos it has happened in that tale

Jiraiya=Naruto ...Yes it was like that in the beginning but now naruto is more dependent on his Kurama powers we havent seen him use a toad summon or Sage Mode for a long long time (i'm not 100% sure but i think after fighting pain he didn't use it)

Orochimaru=Sasuke .... in the begining it was so but now he follows a different path ...he has Hawk summons his fighting style is different (its more raw power,spam amaterasu,susanoo stuff)

Tsunade=Sakura .... By your logic if the above 2 relationships are severed what makes you think this will stay the same and sakura will completely become the next tsunade with Yin seal and slug summons
After all sakura has not been shown to use half of the techniques that tsunade uses

Yin Seal:

Yes sakura has a big forehead -> undeniable manga fact
Yes its a good spot for Yin seal-> common sense after all tsunade had it in her forehead too
So Sakura will have Yin Seal -> Now you are stretching it too far

It may have took Tsunade decades(common sense considering her age) to gather her chakra to form the Yin seal

In the above pic you can see Tsunade didn't have the yin seal ....if you are saying that the head band was hiding it think again if she was fighting with her full power and would she have released Yin seal and the marking will be visible in her face
so common sense -> Tsunade didn't have Yin seal i her 20's

Also in the pic you have uploaded "I have been gathering in my forehead quiet some time"
quiet some time -> 2-3 weeks NO ...for years she has been doing that

The point here is "It takes many years to form Yin seal" so sakura having it soon is highly improbable
If sakura has it it'll be after she's 30 odd years old and frankly i dont see that far ahead in manga

Genjutsu Bringer of darkness:

I have answered this in the other thread itself but i'll do it again

In the 600+ chapters in Naruto manga "SAKURA HAS NOT USED GENJUTSU AS AN OFFENSIVE JUTSU"

She has been shown to disperse it easily when cast by a non-sharingan jonin level ninja

Then your pic showing sakura identifying wood release from Yamato is not a proof for Sakura's ability to identify the 1'st hokage's juts's hand seal

consider this "if suddenly a tree or any other wooden things come out of the ground when the jutsu user did some hand sign" ....you dont need to see the hand sign to see its wood release,.... you can tell its wood release just by seeing the thing thats coming out of the ground its that simple

Being the Hokage and all Hishirama is known by all to be the only wood release user so you dont have to be a rocket scientist to find out its wood release(which anyone can do by seeing the tree coming out of the ground) and 1st Hokage's jutsu (common sense that him being the only Wood release user b4 yamato)

How are you saying Sakura will learn "Bringer of Darkness" ....from some scrolls she sees laying around ...hmmm being the 1'st jutsu i think it'll kept more secret and out of reach of anyone other than Hokages
do you think "Bringer of darkness" will be taught like this "hashirama -> his son/daughter -> tsunade -> Sakure"
This implies tsunade knows it already but that contradicts the fact she didn't use it against madara

Either way there is not enough proof she will learn it yet

frankly i'm a bit annoyed with everyone in this thread saying "sakura will surely surpass Tsunade" when clearly there isn't enough proof yet

Tsunade healed the entire konoha village, broke madara's susanoo with pure strength and summoned Katsuyu when she was split in half

I do not see how sakura will do something more epic than that and surpass tsunade
There is a lot of foreshadowing in Naruto, there is also a very direct pattern Kishimoto has been known to follow and while you say it's unlikely Sakura can surpass Tsunade because there is no proof, you can't deny that it's been stated before in the manga not only by Kakashi, but also Chiyo that Sakura has the potential to do it.

No one is denying the fact that Tsunade is strong, she has proven just how much of a powerful shinobi she is in this last fight against Madara, because it was her that kept the hope of defeating Madara alive for so long. Her healing abilities, and her strength kept the Kage's in the fight, no one is saying she's weak.

But, this thread is highlighting Sakura's potential and possible development. One of the many themes in Naruto is that the younger generation surpass the old generation. This has actually happened in a lot of cases already, we're seeing Naruto's development as well as Sasuke's development and already at such a young age they rival if not outmatch their previous sensei. So it's not completely untrue to say Sakura can surpass Tsunade when there's already been so many hints towards it being a possibility.