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    Re: Sakura Haruno's possible character development.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gray Uchiha View Post
    to chatte ..... its a bit hard for me to quote and unquote the entire reply accordingly in my mob
    so i'm replying as whole

    1.i'll be waiting for the interview and searching myself for the same

    2. all you have provide proof for regarding slug mode is
    > thers is a place "humid forrest"
    > slugs live in them so as 1000 other reptails and insects
    my take on this is unless kishimoto shows slug sage mode i'm not believing it ....when it shows in manga i'll believe it and you can create a i told you so thread

    3.being faster learner helps in learning the technique but not store the chakra required for it
    i've just found out tsunade is 54 yrs old(from databook) so atleas 30 long she has been storing chakra
    and saying i dont know when she started using it just and how long it requires to gather chakra as not solid proof is as same as "you dont have solid proof to know it can be mastered in 2-3 years"
    "tsunade restored chakra fast after pain arc to war" -bcos she is atleast 1/4th senju and 1/4th uzumaki if not more
    both clans which are known for chakra reserves and vitality genjutsu and bringer of darkness
    u are saying she didn't use it against sasori bcos kakashi warned he or bcos she didn't feel like doing it
    i am saying she didn't use it against sasori bcos she didn't know any genjutsu (i even checked with databook details)

    some scrolls used for information transfer and archiving purposes are different than a scroll containing a jutsu such as bringer of darkness.
    its like an organisational hierarchy a receptionist knows the name and place of all employes in office only the division head knows the details such as the employee's salary and other benefits
    so the point is sakura is not cleared for that level of scrolls

    and again i'll believe it when i see it in manga

    5. wood release thing ... you said only sakura recognized it ....thats may be bcos only there were only 2 other persons beside her Naruto (who is not the best when it comes to intelligence) and Sai who doesn't show any emotions

    6. then her past reputation also shows her as the one who is less developed than other main characters , who always relied on naruto's power to help get through tough situation , one who is deemed less important to the plot than other main characters and less effective when it comes to real time combat
    1. Interview here, it's from this year when Road to Ninja appeared.

    The rest I will edit it a bit later.

    2. I don't do I told you so threads, sorry, not my type.
    Once again, why are we having this conversation if you're not open to theories and everything that stands as a possibility you deny it?
    Basically, by that logic you would've denied Snake Sage Mode before although it came to be in the manga.

    3. Being a fast learner helps in learning the technique, yes, however it helps with the chakra storage via chakra control.
    You seem to have ignored that point in part 1.

    You say I don't have solid proof, but neither do you. We don't know if Tsunade stored chakra for 30 years or 30 days.

    You forget one thing. It's not always about how much chakra you possess. It's about how you handle that chakra you're having.
    Furthermore, Sakura's been noted by consuming less chakra when using her techniques, furthermore leading to the fact that she can perform techniques with less chakra consumption, in that way leading to more effective battle tactics.

    And the best example here is Kakashi, how he managed to work with his chakra control from part 1 to part 2. Disconsidering this arc.

    4. The databook serves as generality and shows what she has used until then, now what she might posses in storage in the future.
    Once again, why are we having the conversation? I already repeated myself.
    This is a possibility/theoretical thread.
    When those proofs will be in the manga, this thread will have no value as it's only a theoretical thread.

    5. Show me another one from the younger generation who recognizes secret jutsus belonging to Mokuton ninjutsu.

    6. Yes it shows that she is the less developed compared to the power-houses, however compared with the others from her generation it shows she is the most developed.
    She didn't rely on Naruto's power every time. Actually, she is well rooted, if I may say like this in the general plot.
    Less effective? Tell me how ineffective she was against Sasori, please.
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