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Lol, this is actual troll-ish so I am not going to engage in any type of discussion.
If any of the chuunins can do battle-wise what Tsunade did, than sure, they surpassed her.
Sure, Konohamaru saves lives.

Just my thoughts on your post.
I do not see how posting facts is trollish.
Konohamaru and every chuunin except Tenten, Ino, Kiba and Hinata would likely defeat Tsunade in a duel.
Rock Lee - She can't hit him. if she resorts to uber healing he'll just keep going until either her chakra runs out or just smashes her with the gates.
Shino - Bugs can absorb chakra as well.
Neji - far greater expert in taijutsu, can predict her movements, cause internal wounds and can completely stop her chakra flow.
Chouji - well, that butterfly thing even crushed kakuzu, and he's far beyond Tsunades level.
Shikamaru - he's smart. would likely find a way for her to decapitate herself so she can't heal.
Konohamaru - alright, I'll admit this one can't beat her, and I was just stirring you up, but the rest are still however, legit.