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I am not accusing anything my friend, I am merely pointing what I see from your first post. OP genjutsu tech, yin seal, breaking uchiha genjutsu ? You just want her to be just another like senju/uchiha wannabe.

As far as supporting manga goes, you have put nothing concrete proof, thats why I put the word - "wishful".

Although your recent thread of teamwork against sasori, yea thats good
No, I don't want her to be, I am showing something she might get.
As I told you, I like her the way she is.
This is theory, involves speculations, speculations can go as far as you can fetch them.
I am not saying it's going to be like this.
I am showing a possibility based, as I said, on connection, hints and manga proofs.
The manga pages that are there weren't made by me.

That's why this one is different than that one.
This one is a theory, that one is a concrete thing.