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    How do you make a video play on a thread

    I was wondering what tags do you use for example I'm making a bio and want a theme song for my character to play automatically when I open the thread. So what do I do >_> what tags

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    For embedding a YouTube Video in your post at NarutoBase, you need the part of the url known as "Youtube ID" . (Whatever is there after the "v=")

    Now copy the ID code of that video. In the example below, it is u77Bzd3QH_w.

    Copy and paste the Youtube ID into the YOUTUBE brackets like this:

    [YOUTUBE] Yourtube ID[/YOUTUBE ]

    Or this for wide screen video


    (Remove the gaps when using it)

    (You can also find this BB code for youtube in formatting buttons by clicking on "Go Advanced" option.)

    When you save it should be displayed. Remember that some videos cannot be embedded as the facility is disabled due to copyright issues etc.

    To make it play automatically,

    [YOUTUBE]94ssZP0lvzU&***********[ /YOUTUBE]

    Add the red part to the YouTube ID.
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