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    流血のアッシュ "Asch The Bloody" V3

    Nickname:Asch The Bloody
    Clan: Scorch clan

    Asch is a very cold and impersonal man. This is a result of his upbringing , he separates his internal emotions from his external appearance. He has a tremendous amount of pride and cares deeply for his group and the people around him. He is also a talented cook. He is extremely short-tempered and hot-headed,

    Village Of Birth:
    Village Of Alliance:


    Ninjutsu|TaiJutsu|Kenjutsu|K`Taijutsu|Genjutsu|Aye-Aye Summons|Rain|

    (Shakuton: Kajōsatsu) -Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder
    Rank: A
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 30
    Damage points: 60
    Description: The user creates several flaming orbs that resemble small suns. these orbs rotate around the user and can be freely controlled to attack enemies. When an orb touches an opponent. it apparently evaporates some of the water within their target. When this happens steam can be seen emitting from the opponents body.
    Note: reduction of water leaves target exhausted and as such can only perform 2 moves the following turn.

    (Shakuton: Shakuton Bunshin) Scorch Release: Scorch Clone
    Chakra Cost:30
    Damage Points:N/a
    Description: The User will do the Tiger handsign and Create a Scorch clone. The Clone has the same affect as the scorch sun tech and can use Fire and wind up to B rank . It can evaporate water out the opponents body with contact.. The clone can be dispersed by high level waters (A rank or Above)

    -Can only make up to 3
    -Cant use no Scorch jutsus while they`re on the field
    -Can only be used by general phaze
    -Can only be used once per battle

    (Shakuton:Hihashira )- Scorch Release: Blazing Pillars
    Chakra Cost:20
    Damage Points:40
    Description: the user forms a dragon handseal then slams his or her hands on the ground in front of them. Instantly a whole line of geysers made of scorch release shoot up in the front of the user in a forwards direction.
    (can only be used by daemon)
    (can only be used 3 times per battle)
    (No scorch jutsu above C-rank next turn)

    (Shakuton:Shakuton kyuutai) Scorch Style: Scorch Orb

    Type: Attack/Defensive
    Rank: S
    Range: Short-Mid
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Damage Points: 80
    Description: The User will do a set of 2 handseals. following after, I will wave my hand towards the opponent causing a heat wave to travel above the opponent. The Heat wave travels real fast. (about 2seconds) Soon as the heatwave is above the opponent. The user will do the tiger will then quickly imprison and form around the Opponent infused with my chakra The orb is twice the size of Dodai rubber ball (Can fit two people in it). Causing Massive heat burns to the opponent body. The orb shrinks within time (3seconds) when the orb touches the opponent body the water starts to boil in their body causing agony pain, and eventually their water in their body evaporate. (The whole process for that is about 6seconds) The orb can also be used on myself In a case of an incoming water or mud attack or anything that contains mid amounts of water. The user will do 3 handseals and a orb will form around the user. Due to the Scorch chakra in my body the orb does not cause degree burn to me and it can Evaporate up to A Rank with anything with water in it when comes in contact with the orb.

    -Can only use Once
    -Cant use Fire and Wind above A rank for the next turn
    -Only can be Taught by Teno

    (Shakuton:Shakuton karada)- Scorch Release: Scorch Body

    Type: Defensive
    Chakra Cost:30
    Damage Points: N/a
    Descirption: The user will Do the tiger handseal. Once done his whole body turns into scorch. Similar to the water replacement. If any physical attacks is dealt while this is active. It will go right through the body, And Cause their hand 2nd degree burn. Causing them to not be able to use their hands for atleast 10seconds.

    -Can Only be active for 10seconds but can deactivate it at will
    -Can Use Twice
    -Cant Use no jutsu while in this form
    -No Fire or Wind in the same turn
    -Can Only be taught by General Teno

    "The Rise Of A Legend"

    Asch was a regular stubborn little kid. Who loved to have his way.. but never got it. He grew up as a person who never valued anything...... One day Asch woke up at the middle of the night to hearing his parents arguing. it was nothing new. but all of a sudden he heard an akward silence. and a pain in his gut. he then went to check it out.... He couldnt believe what he saw... He sat there in awe. His Mother On the floor with His father grieving over her with a blade..... His father then looked at Asch and told him Dont you dare speak of what happen or i shall be have you next. That was one of the very few times, Asch showed emotion.... But he was also scared. His Father left the village that night. And Asch was questioned about his mothers death. But they let him go eventually. He then went back to school, But was never the same. He didnt say a word to people, Nor did he care for nobody. Just got things he needed to get done. DONE. He was 10 at the time. so he didnt really know how to take it... One day when he was sitting by himself at lunch and some guy name Selendrile approached him in a non nonchalant manner, and asked did he want company. Asch Replied "Its not my seat so seat wherever you want" So he sat there. For 2 weeks straight they sat at the same table and did not say a word. but for some strange reason. Asch felt a type of comfort around Selendrile So one day Selendrile came over there as usual. Sat down. But this time. Asch Introduced himself with a minor smile and put out his hand as a bro dap. Selen then looked at Asch.. then smirked and said "Ha.. You Fruit Cake" as he reached out and gave him so bro dap. From that day on they been like to butt Cheeks. Real Close..They then started to grow up together. The more he grew up the more Asch become a rebel towards the world. And a smart ass. He then Gain a few new friends. Prad.Uchiha. They met Randomly. When Asch was Out training Prad Came to watch. Once Asch Was done he looked over and saw Prad Over his shoulder .. he then asked what do he want. and Prad reply was "I think i can beat you" Asch then laughed. He liked the Cocky time. Reminded those type of himself. As time went by. He turned 15 and was always getting suspended and Dention nonstop. But he felt that was just a small price to pay to get things going. One day he was going toe to toe with his class mates and teacher on his behavior. So they had arranged a fight with him and their best student. If Asch Lost , He Leaves the Accademy. If he wins... Nothing... He then went home to prepare for battle. His friend -Vision-Came over and said.."Hey, we need to talk" He was about 3yrs older but always looked to me as a little brother. So Asch said "Sure" -Vision- then got a chair.but before he sat down he looked at me real hard,,, Pulled back his right hand. and full forced it at my face.. Asch then held his hand to his face with anger rising up in him. he then looked at -Vision- But it seemed like he was ready to fight as well. His words were "If you want to be angry towards somebody. Be angry at me. You are one disrespectful person. though its your personality. FIND ANOTHER ONE. Though you make think you are doing the right thing, the world DOES NOT." Asch face went down. Then -Vision- sat down. and continued talking "I know your hate for people at the school is strong. because you feel they abuse their power and you feel there is one person in specific you feel that way about. The Principal. You feel like you have to always defend yourself in any honor it may come in. But let me make this promise. If you need to punch somebody in the face. or Verbally abuse just to get the anger out. im always down the street. Ill be the sponge to absorb all the hate you have.....You have great potential in you but your FCKN it up by being a hard ass... but all aside. Im here now.. i want you to go to the school and apologize to the students and teacher then leave. dont say NOTHING else.. I will make a wager with you... if you are my true friend you wont let me go down. If you ever act out again i will have them disroll me from academy. and i forever work without pay long as im here..thats if you care for me atleast." He then gets up and walk out the door and say "The choice is yours..... I will meet you in the training grounds tommorow around the same time you suppose to be at the fight. if you meet me there thats how i know you apologized. if not then eh. btw i want you to meet a good friend of mines" He then walks away... Asch then thinks heavy about it and just sleeps it off. He then goes into class with his sword and the teacher asked.. are you ready... Asch then replys... with a big lump in his throat. cause it was hard for him to do it "Class. im sorry. my behavior was unacceptable and it wont happen again. i promise he then walkks out the room. and gets selendrile out of class. He asked "why did you pull me out of class" Asch replied. "I need to get out of here before i do something i will regret" -Vision- sits there and starts to think asch wont show up. He then talks to his friend andd say "Well he is 10mins late. he not coming, lets just go ho-" Asch then, out of nowhere punches -vision- clear across the field... With his eyes low and a smirk. "You said i can vent to you right?" -vision- then Smirked. he then said "Asch. This is my friend. -Reke-, Reke Meet Asch. Asch then looked at him with a weird face and snap his hands "Awhh. Arent you and your gf the famous graffitti artst"he then replys "Ha.. i guess you can say that. iim a really good ass whooper too"All asch did was laugh. Since that day they all been close like butt cheeks

    The Legend(s) Set Out

    2years passed with his great friends by his side. -Vision-,Reke,Prad, And Selendrile. They then promoted him to a Jounin that can now teach students. He gratefully took on that role. He had a friend he promised he will help get stronger even before it happened. his name was Lazyboi. They got on the training field and start training their ass off. with some laughs. But it seemed like them training together brought them closer together as friends. One day Him and Lazyboi was walking home and saw 3 guys fighting. 2 vs 1. But what shocked us was the person who was fighting 2 people was holding his own. Lazyboi then looked at me like he was asking for my permission. Asch replied "You are your own man. if you wanna jump of a bridge go do it. i cant control you" Lazy then went over there and it was a 2vs2. the fight was marvelous . Lazycame out victorious. but the other dude was on the ground. and passed out.. Asch then lifted him up and put him on his shoulder and took him to the medic. he stayed there till the guy woke up. Asch was sleep when he awoke though. the dude then tugged on asch to wake him up. and said "Thanks alot back there. they were bullys but i got tired of them bullying me so i fought back. Thats not my normal character but i felt it was only right" Asch Replied Veduto "you are a true soldier in my eyes. the way things was going, you wasnt going to go down and thats what i like.." Asch then waited for his recovery. and ever since then they became like but cheeks. CLOSE. One day all 7 of them was together Selendrile,Reke,-Vision,Veduto, and Prad, they was walking in the middle of nowhere just being teens till they came across this guy who was sitting on the bench.. Asch then went over there and sat near him. technically mocking him. the dude then looked at asch with the corner of his eye... he then asked "May i help you" Asch then said.. nice book you reading there. His friends started to laugh. the guy then closed his book and said "Wow , your a real smart ass bud. do you want a fckn cookie. or should i kick your ass." Asch then laughed and said. "Cmon man. lighting up. We all cool here. " As he laughed. they then stayed around him for about 2hrs talking ... the guy looked very annoyed. asch then started walking away with his friends and said "Ayee Kichiro " The dude then looked at him in amazement. asch then smirked and said "Yea.. ii know who you are. You should really come chill with us. you would complete this group of personalitys..." As he walked away.. he then stopped and said "Ohh. btw... If you want to ATTEMPT to whoop my ass. you should see me tommorow on the training field.. it would be fun to kick a new friend ass seeing how selendrile here dont never go easy on me. causing me to lose or draw from time to time.." they then walk away. Ever since that day. Kichiro been hanging out with them. One day all 8 of them was hanging out together. till one day. It was a Kidnapping. and behind the kidnapping was 8 sound ninja behind it all. It was amazing cause the 8 of them was right there witnessing it. Selendrile, -Vision-,Reke,Prad,Lazy, Veduto, and Kichiro all looked at me like its go time. I then smirked and pulled out my sword and went str8 into action.. To my suprise i was the last one fighting. I looked over to the side of me and the first person i saw on the bench watching was selendrile all i did was smirk and say in my mind "cocky mtf" I then Drew my sword out and with one fell swoop. the ninja was on all fours. We then took the lady back to the village. But we was scorned by the Kage. and was told we are not to ever intervene with another village crisis again. and if we did we were going to be exilled out the village.. Asch was about to say something but -Vision- Gave him a look. Asch then gave -Vision- a soft slap on the face. a playful slap though. he then walked out. They all then came back to Asch place. Asch then brought up the idea...."We should go rogue and do our own thing. we are all out of school . Whaddaya say" They all agreed. but Prad then asked what the name should be. Asch responded "It should represent something we stand for.... Rebels who sometimes follow the rules. Or Good people who sometime break the rules...... we are Pure Rebels.......Prad then said Pykyouto and said "Py is short for Pure, and Kyouto means Rebel" We all agreed to it. But then said we need a right hand man just incase things go overboard. They all looked at selendrile and all he did was smirk and say "Asch your still a fruit cake" They then got a wardrobe of a White Robe with a black hoody to represent. Pure on the body but rebellios still lingers in the head. They all left the next morning. and made a name for themselves. Not so much the bad people but the people little kids wanted to be. Cops wanted to stop and random people admired. They was infamous. one day selendrile came out of nowhere and said "Your one bloody leader.. bringing us all together. I wonder was it your plan from the get go" Asch responded.. "Ha. I wish. Soon as i saw my mother blood on the floor i knew something had to change. My mother blood is the thing that keeps me going everyday.. Just call me....... call me..... Asch The Bloody.


    2 years passed. And the Group was Slowly but surely breaking up. Due to Issues of their own they had to break off. Or return back to the village. The only one that stayed was Selendrile Asch and Selendrile Traveled the roads of the ninja world just exploring. Fighting off Ninjas and what not. One Day Asch and Selendrile Came Across a Formidable foe by the name of Erzo. and his Group. Though he did not want trouble. He challenged Asch to a duel. And Asch Gladly accepted it. The battle was long and furious. Nobody from his group Jumped in. and neither did Selendrile After 3hrs of fighting asch had stop and acknowledge that Erzo Was somewhat of his strength if not stronger. Names was Exchange and separate paths was once took. One week later during the dusk of night..... Selendrile woke me up with a blade to my neck and said "That night.. I just cant forget... how can i side with somebody who cant even protect themselves" Asch responded "Thats what friends are for" Selendrile then said "Well lets test the bonds of this friendship" and so it was. A fight had brewed over time.. emotions flying. Was it hatred.. Sympathy, Envy? If so who was it from...? The battle stayed fierce till the dusk of dawn.... Eventually the battle for more serious then it intended to be... sooner or later. Blood was shed and lives was the cost to a sound mind..Asch then used a forbidden jutsu that only people who posses Scorch could use. But only at the risk of his life.. Once the attack was done.... He fainted. but his last image was of Selendrile... Like it missed? He then woke up all bandaged up and a letter. In short saying. He will accompany Erzo. No hard feelings.. he just felt like he could be of more use with them. and so he did. And to hope we cross paths one more.. Asch knew that no shinobi put their feelings into play. but he couldnt help but feel a tad bit sad. Asch then Stayed at that area for 5days.... Healing his wounds...... He then realized that.... He wanted to get stronger..... He wanted to become the Earth Prodigy, Controller of Rain.... Only one place to go. and its forbidden. So it needed to be infiltrated .. Amegakure!.................... Days had past. Ambush after Ambush but he always stayed his ground heading to Ame. One Day He came across a mysterious fellow. The guy was sitting on a bench reading some scrolls....... It was a hot day so i sat there near him and asked what scrolls was he researching. and he looked at me and said..... FORBIDDEN JUTSUS. His eyes then glowed ...and then i realized... A Uchiha was in my presence... Though the lust he had for Power.. you saw the fun in him... He went by the name Goku2000. Asch then Asked Goku where do he belong and the response he gave was "Nowhere" Asch then told him that he shall be his new nakama... goku2000 asked. what for. Asch then responded. "Nakama need other nakama to help then when they stumble. I need help to infiltrate Ame... And you seem like somebody i could easily trust" Goku2000 didnt object and just came along... 5weeks had gone by. and their friendship was stronger then ever..... But the day had finally came.... they reached the Rain village... They practice what they would do for a long time. and it was set in stone.... 1hr later. Asch and Goku2000 Infiltrated Ame..... but knew they could never leave outside when it rains..... Asch already knew of somebody in the Rain who can teach him Rain. but it was risky.... Asch and Goku2000 Was in the village for 5days straight searching for the Rain teacher but no luck. Asch didnt know how his face look so he couldnt have pinpointed..... One day Asch and Goku2000 went out for some sake with 2 ladys. and heard a commotion outside. It was 1ninja beating up on this old guy.... And with haste Asch insticts kicked in and ran outside to help the man. the ninja was was rogue bandit thief. After the thief left off. The man thanked him and looked at him weird then smiled and said "Your finally here... tonight at the pier" then disappeared.... Asch then thought... what is he talking about... he then turned around to seeing Goku2000 face in shock.. Asch then laughed and said "Yea... Badass huh" Goku then made a more serious look and pointed at the sky.... Asch first looked at him like he was crazy...... then realized.... he wasnt pointing to the sky... but the rain........ That night Goku and Asch stayed hidden. but not too long before the man who ran the rain village came to rain on our parade.. He quickly broke down the door and the eyes was just like the books said. Ripple shape patter... the rinnegan!..... along side him was a beautiful girl made of paper. and they didnt come to ask questions. and lucky to us.. we was ready. Asch then quickly charged at pein and Goku at konan. this pein shot out missiles like he was some type of machine. While Goku was having a hard time dealing with the paper girl. We then Switched people we was fighting.... The battle was brutal. and it seemed like they was losing. Asch then got Konan off guard and dealt a major punch throwing her outside. That took the pein off guard.. Leaving Goku2000 a wide open chance. In a split second. Both Asch and Goku2000 Throttle a full punch to pein. Killing him.... But they was almost out of chakra... But knew more was done. they took one food pill and rushed out to konan. They then started fighting konan for about 10minutes. then out of nowhere. a missile came from behind Goku2000 back.. I turned around and realize. The pain we both killed was alive. along side 2 other peins.... Things got real serious then. As they was both out of chakra. Goku2000 was down for the count. Asch was out of options but didnt want to give up... Right when he was about to give up Somebody with a black clock swoop down in a instant. Stopping the commotion . In a Quick instant he was fighting off all 4 of them. (3peins and konan) in a quick instance he threw a smoke bomb and retreated us to his house.. He went by the name of Shig. We was all bandaged up and i asked him.. why did he save me.. and his response was "So i can see you get stronger to take revenge" Soon as he said that it was like a bell that went off in my head....Its time to get stronger.. And so he did. for 2 years straight he stayed hidden in Ame learning to control the rain.. and practice using his earth jutsus with ease. Sooner or later He became to be called The Earth Prodigy


    Once He was finished training. He setted out but realized, He must break out of Ame. So for days and days him and goku tried to strategize a plan to escape. The fated day came where they both will escape and venture the world once more. One day they settled out and made clones of themselves. Asch then summoned his bird, and cloned it. Once done they had the clones fly out as an diversion. They used that time to escape. But one thing that was wrong with their plan... Pein knew what they was up too and so he purposely sent Konan out to take down the clones. Once we got to our escape point. Thats where we saw them... PEIN. we knew we must fight. Or we die where we stand

    At that very stand point they stood death in its face. and pein asked us the question which he seem like wanted to forever ask "Why are you here" and my response was "I needed to become stronger... So I can change this petrified world" he then look at me with no remorse. No emotion and then withdrew his metal road and said "Before I kill you, You shall understand my pein" at that moment all 3 of them drew in for a frontal attack. 3 towards me and 3 towards goku We was holding off pretty well. But as i exchange blows with them all. I realized that , they arent even going half of what they was going before. It was like they was toying with us. So we decided to take it up a notch. Me and Goku decided to switch up. Due to them going easy on us it was either the 2. they are familiar with our fighting styles or just plain cocky. But my plan backfired, Soon as I focused my attack on one of them. They took advantage. Not only did the preta path absorbed my my move. but they was in perfect synch. As the Asura and Deva Path came at me at the same time from each side. .Making it useless if i wanted to defend. Right as that happen I closed my eyes and Envision home. In a blink of a eye I heard bodys being slammed . I open up and See Goku Punching the Deva path from above. As the one that was fighting with me was a clone. So it was in their blind spot. I then looked over and saw a familar face with a chidori in one of the paths body. The asura path.. It was Selendrile... Once done. I didnt ask Questions but quickly regrouped with them all and gave them both a quick "thanks" One Done Deva path them got up and proccedded into the middle of the Air and started pulling in rocks to a center of some black ball. We knew it was no good . Luckly Selendrile Came prepared. He told us all to hold on to a piece a paper as he did the tiger handseal to reverse summon us out of Ame. We was then safe inside a hideout Selendrile picked out. We then rested there for a few days

    Once we got done resting up we set out but nowhere in particular. I then realized the last couple of days traveling with the group that they often talked in secrecy. Sometimes i felt they was up to something , but i never let that get to me as it was probably my imagination. One day we was travling Goku came up to me and told me that he wants to be leader of the group. I then told him that "this job is not suited for somebody of you and Selendrile caliber. not because i say you are weak but I dont feel you two have a resolve as deep as I do" After I Said that it got quiet and we just kept walking. about 3 hrs later we got into an ambush. It was a nasty fight but it was won by us. with Goku on my right and Selendrile On my right. We was catching our breaths, from the fight as i was merley exhausted. I then turned to Selendrile for help. But i quickly felt a kunai to my throat. and not to mention i didnt see selendrile where i looked out to. I then slowly turned around and saw both Goku and Selendrile with expressions of disgust . Me being weak i couldnt fend for myself. The last thing i heard was "Your trash" I couldnt distinguish the voice .. maybe they both said it at the same time.. Next thing you know... I had a wound on my neck bleeding out with nobody around..... As i was bleeding out on the ground.... I realized that... If i live through this.... I wanted 2 heads on my trophy stand at home....Not Revenge. But to teach them a lesson to why never become a traitor in the shinobi world.... and to why NEVER to cross.... the EARTH PRODIGY!

    Devils Trio"

    The day keeps playing over and over and over in my head everynight As I sleep. A nightmare so to speak.. It has been 2 weeks since that incident with both Selendrile and Broly. I try not to think of it because when i do my blood boils and I end up doing things im not supposed to be doing in my critical condition. Sometimes I wonder will I ever be able to settle the score. My so called "Friends" turned their back on me.. Was it pride? Was It betrayal from the get go? Answers... Answers... So many answers And I have to know.. Somebody by the name of Flash07 took me into his home and cared for my wounds.. There were times I broke precious things in his home but he still catered to me.. in my mind I thought of Killing him cause what played in my mind is betrayal. But I look in his eyes and realize.. He is no threat.. He then comes up to me and asks me to train him... seeing me get fodderized like that made him feel weak.. And he wishes to get stronger... It took me a couple hours to think it over but I agreed to it.. I then took him under my wing and we trained day in and day out for days.. This wasnt only to help him but to help gain my strength back. I felt renewed... I felt ALIVE.. I felt stronger then ever. This kid had spunk in him.. and when he fought, you could tell he had more then enough potential.. even MADARA?! I keed.. but he is strong enough to handle his own.. But with each punch i felt enjoyment with him... Training was over.... And it was time to set out.. I then dressed myself with a Darkish red cloak to hide my face with a sword to my side as always. Soon As I was walking out the door Flash07 Tugged me and gave me a thumbs up and told me "Fodderized them Ninjas" All I did was look away with a grin. It was said that certain people have info on Broly But the people who have that info should never be approached... They go by the Devils Trio

    It was said they are Located In the sound Village. The Devils Trio Consist of 3 Ninjas Scorps, Caliburn, And Ira Ira Is not a fighter and has never fought before but she stays with the group seeing thats her group..... My mission is to kidnap her alone without them noticing and extracting information. Once I got my mind set I got prepared and set out... there were plenty of ninjas who i encountered but I did not fight so I ran away. I only have 1 mission right now and that is the death of broly.. It was said that selendrile Is a Iwa ninja now... how much of that is true? I dont know but I have to pass Iwa to get to where im going... I dont want trouble in Iwa so I wont even attempt to look for him now. .... Its been 3 days running nonstop. The time came where a group of ninjas ambushed me... And its a coincidence it was infront of Iwa. They threw several shirukens and kunais at my way... But I didnt wish for trouble so i dodged it.. It was then that I saw a Fireball jutsu come from out of my avoiding range. I then felt my body moving on its own as i moved out the way... Once That was done I turned around and saw his shadow retracting... somebody... My old student... Flash07 I asked him what hes doing here.. and he told me "You cant be a master without a student. You`re always a master and im gonna be your student till i surpass you" I then smirked and gave a question nod? he then gave a conformational nod. He then threw a flash bomb in the air to blind them as we rushed passed them.. But as We rushed pass them I looked to my right.. In slow motion. I saw a figure on top iwa gates like he controlled things.. like he was the top dog... that figured resemble the person blood I wanted the most.. Selendrile.. all i did was close my eyes and laugh..... I cant be bothered with him right now as I must find the devils trio.. 5days later me and Flash07 ends up in the sound village. This is when things get tricky

    I came for business so that is what I did....... Me and Flash07 walked around the dark village with a dark red cloak on.. surprisingly nobody thought it was suspicious and worst of all We didnt know how these guys look... A hassle i would say. We didnt want trouble... but trouble came to find us.... It was about 3hrs later where We encountered 3 bodys.... with one being a girl who didnt look the fighting type.... It was a wild shot in the dark but we knew we had to try.. we positioned about 20mins and set up a plan. We then went to slightly higher grounds to try and take the element of surprise. I Then Dropped down very forcefully but with no sound as they were like in a group huddle just talking. My goal was to leg drop one of the guys in the head leaving it a 1vs 1. Soon As I dropped down with my leg in kicking position. The person with 3 swords pulled out 1 sword And put it over his head as my leg and his sword clashed causing dust and wind to forcefully be pushed back by the impact. The crazy thing about it was... He didnt even look.. But he knew. So i knew it was no turning back...I then heard the guy that i didnt clash with say "Caliburn I wont let you take all the fun" His response was " Do what you want.. Just dont get in my way... or you too... Will die Scorps" Thats How I knew I had the right people.. But in order for me to get out of their alive I must defeat these guys... Or atleast make it out of their alive... Ira then stepped back as both Caliburn and Scorps got in ready position.

    (Play that song as you read the Devils Trio Vs. Asch Fight)

    Once they got in position I took my hood off and withdrew my sword and Quickly launched at them.. Caliburn then put 1 sword in his mouth and the other two in his hands. as Scorps Activated his byakugan.. Once I got into range Caliburn Swung his sword towards me even though I wasnt in cutting range...I then felt a great force push me back.... With great damage... Felt like several bones in my body was crushed. But they werent.... (This dude is powerful.. I Cant even get within range of him) I thought to myself. I then thought of another plan... I would fight In long distance... I then Created several scorch orbs and sent them towards both of them... Scorps then stepped infront of caliburn put his hands upward as a strange type of gas.. (As it seem) came out of his hands.. It then came in contact with my scorch orb and decayed it. "My Decay Release is something magical i tell you." Scorps said. all Caliburn did was look and shook his head and launched towards me. I then knew now that This isnt a thing I can do here alone. I then looked to the side and saw that Ira was gone.... The mission was complete... for him that is.. I dont think Im getting out of here alive... Or maybe I should fight to retreat instead of running to retreat.. I then Ran up to caliburn again as he did the same movement. I turned my whole body to scorch.. His quake didnt have no affect on me seeing as it cant be "Quaked" I then did my research on decay release awhile back.. And seeing as Im the Earth Prodigy It was no worries. I then launched at Scorps from the air. He Then launched in the air also with a Decay ball in his hand. Similar to a rasengan.. I then used something I never did before.. I then made a Earth Rasengan As It clashed with the decay rasengan and blew scorps back seeing as his decay cant pierce through Earth.. I then Lifted a piece of earth from the ground while I was in air.... I learned how to use earth jutsus without being in contact with the ground by practicing day in and day out. I then got a Earth piece and started to control the earth to fly off. Caliburn Had a Very irritated look on his face.. At that time I realized that he knew Ira was gone.... He then did 4 handseals and put his hands up . His hands then became to become like a suction.. to draw me in.. He then did 1 handseal with his other hand.. The sunction wind became to look like a black hole.... As i was being sucked in . " Using your Yin-Yang Chakra to use both Vacuum Release and Abyss Release.. Bad ass burn.. Seems you are getting serious.. So maybe I should to" Scorps Said.. At that moment I increase the earth chakra and continue to move the earth .. I then see scorps use 7handseals. I knew that wasnt a good thing. He then released a decay ball in the sky.. The sky then got dark and in the blink of an eye.. Decay Was falling from the sky like physical wind. and from the looks of it... This is not something I can dodge....At that moment I knew i wasnt going to be able to maintain and get payback to broly.... I then closed my eyes As I got sucked into the Abyss hole and the Decay about to touch my skin... In that very moment.. All the jutsus stopped.... as i was able to free myself and launch off. It was flash07 who used his shadow jutsus on them both.. "Took you long enough" I said as i flew off. Scorps then released chakra from his body towards flash07 to break out of it.... Once that chakra hit him. he poofed. It was a clone. While I was fighting. Flash07 used a shadow imitation on Ira to move her away.. also used shadow strangle to cover her mouth so she couldnt yell... As I ride off towards the meeting point I see Ira go towards Scorps and Caliburn I then looked confused... I was about to go back but then Flash07 jumped on the rock and told me.. she wasnt a hassle at all.. He asked her and she told himm with no problem. he then asked how am i able to control earth without being on the ground... I told him it was something it took YEARS of practice to do.. I then asked where is Broly.. He then told me I wont believe it... He is One of the Damiyos of Iwa... The look on my face filled with rage.. he then told me "guess what" I then stood silent."Selendrile" Is the other Damiyo... All i could do was shake my head.. "I guess we rest for a couple days.. then we set out then" Flash07 then said "Ha... Lets do it... IWA! HERE WE COME"

    The sword he has in that picture

    Theme Song

    Earth Prodigy:Asch has learned to use Earth Jutsus to its full capacity.. Thus letting him use all earth Jutsus with 1 handseal.

    Fire Lover:He is able to use fire jutsus in a quick pace. 20handseals Max he done withing 5seconds

    Swordsman:He is very skilled in swordsman ship.. Giving him the skills of a A rank Swordsman. Still not up to Master though

    Scorchie:Seeing as Scorch is his KG. He has mastered that before he became an earth prodigy. He does not need to use handseals to preform Scorch Jutsus

    Wins::faust: To old to remember

    Loss: :drunk: dont remember that neither...

    Updating the bio.
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