This post contains spoilers of the current season of Ink Master. If you are planning on watching it, don't read the rest of the post.

Now that about half the season is over, I feel that we have a very good understanding of how each remaining tattoo artist stacks up. Right now, I feel that there is a bottom four and a top 5 that are worlds apart from one another. If you feel that my rankings are off, please post your own.

Bottom 4 (starting with worst):

4. Mark
3. Kay Kutta
2. Sebastian
1. Tattoo Baby

Mark, Kay and Sebastian have all been consistently bad thus-far and have only stuck around because there were obviously worse tattoo artists then them every week. Kay and Mark are clearly going the next two weeks. Though this is a great move by the producers, to only have 5 or 6 really good artists each season so they can prolong the series. Tattoo Baby is probably the top of the bottom pack because she has good moments, but largely she's been a disappointment as well. I feel that these 4 are at the bottom of the pack, no debating it, and feel that if any of them make it too the top 5, they'd be lucky to do so.

Top 5 (starting from bottom):
5. Jesse
4. Jamie
3. Clint
2. Sarah
1. Steve

Now the only reason I've done the top 5 rankings like this is based solely on last season. Since Clint has already been to an elimination, that likely prevents him from winning the whole thing (since part of the judges final decision last season was who never went to elimination). But clearly since Jesse has no black and gray skills, he likely will not win the title and might not even make it to the top 3. I only put him as 5 because the other artists have proven to be more rounded than Jesse. This is my personal rankings, but I feel that based on what we've seen and by what we've seen the judges consider important and not so important from season one, I think this is a good guideline of how things might turn out.

Again, post your own rankings of the top 9 if you wish, and discuss anything Ink Master related here!