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    The Fox Ninja, The Saiyan, and The True Martial Artist

    I was once naive and thought that Naruto with all of his Rasengan Spam/Kage Bushin no Jutsu was nothing more than a one trick pony. Rasengan this. Rasengan that. Even later on in the series of Shippuden, almost all the new techs. He learns are nothing but Rasengan variations.

    Then I had an epiphany! *light bulb* He's actually a brilliant warrior like two other characters we know and grew up with. My theory: These really intelligent fighters have so many different versions of there signature move to keep there rivals and enemies guessing just in case they have data on them, or they are quite familiar with battling with them so the person facing them doesn't know what's coming next. Ya makes it so they are less predictable. Anyways...

    Here's the kicker. Do you guys believe that Naruto and Goku are extremely similar to one other person signature technique wise?

    ^ Naruto (The Fox Ninja) has the Rasengan. (translation: Spiraling Sphere)

    ^ Goku (The Saiyan) has the Kamehameha. (translation: Turtle Devastation Wave)

    ^ And Ryu (The True Martial Artist) has the "Hadoken." (translation: Surge Fist)

    Here's the lowdown!!!
    Here are a few facts that you all know and don't know about these 3 characters. They are as follows:

    - Well all three cool moves are naturally blue. Duh. (Srsly...on crap Sherlock.) As each character progresses, the size and sometimes color of there respective moves changes.

    - The three users of the Rasengan, the Kamehameha, and the Hadoken have to conjure up quite a bit of "energy" in the palms of there hands to initiate the move. Naruto uses "chakra", and later mixes his nature affinity which is "wind" to make it more destructive in power. Goku uses the princials of "ki" to produce an "energy wave" Finally, Ryu uses "chi" to produce a fireball.

    The Original Creators (imitaton is the finest form of flattery...)
    - Naruto, Goku, and Ryu's "favorite moves" aren't ones they made up all by themselves. They had assistance. Naruto's Rasengan was of course developed by his father Minato Namikaze. Furthermore, Naruto's master Jiraiya passed down the Rasengan to to him. For Goku, well his teacher Master Roshi taught him how to do it. Finally, an fighting guru by the name of Gouken taught Ryu how to perform the Hadoken.

    ^ Minato demonstrates the Flying Thunder God Tech. Lvl 2 Rasengan.

    ^ Master Roshi does his MAX Powered Kamehameha.

    ^ Gouken performing the "Denjin Hadoken."

    Now, make it your own signature maneuver!!! (each character takes it to the next level)

    - To progress even further with rigorous training, these three fighters have made countless awesome variations of there respective moves to get them through difficult battles. As a result, they have perfected there craft by not just copying, but making there favorite move complete. For instance, unlike Goku and Ryu, Naruto couldn't at first activate the Rasengan unless he had a shadow clone assist him with the task. Moving on, canon wise, Naruto has about 15 variations (maybe even more) of the Rasengan like Wind Release: Rasenshuriken and Planetary Rasengan. As far as Goku is concerned, he has an estimated 17 ways he can use his move such as the Instant Kamehameha/Warp Kamehameha and the Kaioken Kamehameha. Finally, bringing up the rear is Ryu who can use his Hadoken in 11 different ways. He has the Shinku Hadoken (Vacuum Surge Fist), and the Denjin Hadoken.
    Here are a couple of pictures just for kicks.

    ^ Naruto is getting ready to use his Planetary Rasengan against The Third Tsukikage Muu.

    ^ Naruto uses the Vacuum Rasengan on Zetsu clones.

    ^ Sage Art: Odama Rasengan!

    ^ In Dragonball, Goku used his Kamehameha with his feet to hammer King Piccolo with a punch. Yeah...his friggin feet!
    Quite unorthodox this guy is.

    ^ With his battle with Frieza, our hero Goku is preparing a Twin Dragon Strike as a diversionary tactic.

    ^ And fire one! Fire two!

    ^ Kaioken Kamehameha!!!!

    ^ Ryu fires a Shinku Hadoken in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

    ^ In this form, Ryu is evil and he is attempting to kill Gouken with a high powered Metsu Hadoken.

    ^ Metsatsu Goh Hadoken!!!!! He's under the influence of the Satsui No Hado. (He be malevolent)

    Now pass on your technique to the next generation! (Don't covet your all-time favorite move!)

    - Not to be stingy, our three main protagonists pass on there favorite technique onto there pupils. Naruto naturally teaches Konohamaru the Rasengan. Goku gives the Kamehameha Wave to his son Gohan, and later he teaches a child named Uub how to do it. Lastly, Ryu doesn't actually per-say teach Sakura Kasugano how to do the Hadoken, but after watching him in his countless bouts, and squaring off against Ryu herself, she eventually learns the Hadoken and the Shinku Hadoken.

    More pictoras.

    ^ Like Naruto before him, Konohamaru also needs a Kage Bushin to perform the Rasengan. Here, he defeats
    Pain (Animal Path)

    ^ Gohan and Goku perform the Father Son Kamehameha to vanquish Cell.

    ^ Uub is about to do a Super Kamehameha in a heated sparring match against his sensei Goku.

    ^ In a crossover video game, Sakura Kasugano is charging up a Shinku Hadoken against Paul Phoenix.

    Some more fun facts about our three characters.

    - Goku, Ryu, and Naruto have made countless appearances in pop culture.

    - If you guys didn't already know, Ryu is not only a video game character, but he's also in anime and even manga! Meanwhile, Naruto and Goku were made into manga/anime characters first and then video game characters.

    ^ A three chapter manga called Street Fighter: Ryu Final was made by Masahiko Nakahira.

    - At very early ages, all three main protagonists' parents were killed thus making them orphans.

    - As mentioned earlier, Ryu has a girl that admires him like no ones business just like Naruto has Sakura Haruno. Her name is Sakura Kasugano. What a coincidence eh?

    - Each of our three main protagonists has a "true rival" individual who takes the main character to there absolute limits! A polar opposite so to speak, but a kindred spirit nevertheless. Naruto has always had Sasuke to contend with. Goku's main rival is Vegeta. Ryu's main rival is his childhood friend and training partner Ken Masters although this is debatable. He also has true rivals in the likes of Sagat and Akuma.

    - Naturally, all three characters like the thrill of battle. Period. No if, ands, or buts about it.

    - All three characters' masters are 3 elderly hermits.

    - Goku is pure of heart. However, Naruto and Ryu have succumbed to the darkness on more than one occasion. The Ninetailed Fox and the Satsui No Hado respectively. Eventually, they realized that true strength isn't obtained through malevolent lies within one's self.

    And now...some amazing fanart!!! ^^

    I do hope someday that Goku, Naruto, and Ryu will be in a crossover video game some day. That'd be beyond sweetness!

    Fin Thread
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    Re: The Fox Ninja, The Saiyan, and The True Martial Artist

    Nice thread and observations

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    Re: The Fox Ninja, The Saiyan, and The True Martial Artist

    Wow you really put a lot of effort in that thread. Nice

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    Re: The Fox Ninja, The Saiyan, and The True Martial Artist

    So this was what you were talking about yesterday LOL
    Nice find ^^ Don't recognize the last character but they are all very similar
    Nice pictures as well by the way :D

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    Re: The Fox Ninja, The Saiyan, and The True Martial Artist

    Quote Originally Posted by Sasunarufan13 View Post
    So this was what you were talking about yesterday LOL
    Nice find ^^ Don't recognize the last character but they are all very similar
    Nice pictures as well by the way :D
    o_o It's Ryu! (street fighter).

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    Re: The Fox Ninja, The Saiyan, and The True Martial Artist

    At the end I thought for a sec that you added "fail thread"... I was about to sayyy.

    Anyway, nice thread! ^^

    - Agreed, a crossover video game involving all those three character's would be awesome. ;O

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    Re: The Fox Ninja, The Saiyan, and The True Martial Artist

    Popping in to say I approve of this thread and it has change my view of Naruto Rasengan!

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