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Most white people I know have some form of rhythm, although I see a LOT of white people clap on the off-beat when listening to one form of music or another...

As for that stereotype, I never really thought of it, let alone understood it. I've been swimming since I was about 3 and quit at around age 14 because I just felt like it wasn't going anywhere. Although, most black stereotypes don't even come near to applying to me.
That's what i'm saying. Last time we we're surfing on Bondai it's a huge beach. We spent about 8-9 h on the beach I saw 0 black in the water and when I was asked... I couldn't remember if I ever seen.. def there are black people swimming but very rare. It's like Asians are avoiding the sun.. but there's a reason to it.. every race has theyr stereotypes but me as white person I don't know them.