Manga 609 : Back to...!!

( words) : Narration
[ words ] : Thinking

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(Sasuke, Orochimaru, Juugo and Suigetsu are standing in the cave where they were, after Orochimaru's revival)
(Orochimaru slams his hand on the ground)
Orochimaru : Summoning Jutsu!!
(Smoke appears)
(A huge standing scroll appears)
(Orochimaru holds the scroll and pushes it to fall on the ground)
(Scroll rolls over)
Sasuke : ?!!
Suigetsu/Juugo : ?!!
(Several seals are shown on the scroll)
Orochimaru : I don't want to spend much time in travelling. (looks at Suigetsu and Juugo) Come here.
Suigetsu : Hmm?!! [Is he going to kill us to use that scroll?]
Juugo : ..... (moves ahead)
Suigetsu : (looks at Juugo) Do you believe in him? (looks at Sasuke)
Sasuke : ......
Juugo : I'll do anything for Sasuke to achieve his goal.
Suigetsu : (sighs) ..... (walks towards Orochimaru)
Orochimaru : Sasuke?!! You too.
(Sasuke moves forward)
(Orochimaru takes out a kunai from Anko's ninja pack)
Suigetsu : ?!!! (shivers as orochimaru steps towards him)
Orochimaru : (grins).... (stands near Suigetsu)
Suigetsu : ?!! ....?!! .....?!! ...?!!(Totally sweats as if his body becoming watery)
(Orochimaru grabs his hand and makes a cut on his hand and takes some blood)
(As he makes the cut, Suigetsu's hand turns into water and spills on the ground)
(Orochimaru moves towards Juugo)
Suigetsu : Hahhhhhh?!!! You cut my hand!!
(Orochimaru moves towards Sasuke)
Juugo : Aye... Aye Suigetsu!! He just took some blood of yours. Don't get so scared.
(Suigetsu looks at Juugo angrily)
(Orochimaru takes the blood of three of them and puts them on three of the seals on the scroll)
Sasuke/Juugo : .....
Suigetsu : ?!!
(Orochimaru then slams his hand on the bigger seal on the edge of the scroll)
Orochimaru : Ninja Art : Transportation Jutsu!!!
(The whole place covers in smoke)
(In a dark room, all four of them are summoned)
Suigetsu : Hahhhhhh?!!!
Juugo : ?!!
Sasuke : ?!!
Orochimaru : ?!!
Suigetsu : I too know this place very well. This is Orochimaru's hideout in the Sound village. I knew it. I told you already, Sasuke. This man is going to seal us again. (remembers his days in the container inside the water)
Sasuke : Suigetsu!!! (remembers entering the hideout after fighting with Naruto) Orochimaru? What is this?!!
Orochimaru : (looks at Suigetsu and then Sasuke) Don't worry. This is not the place I am talking about. [It seems that the jutsu limits to this checkpoint from that cave. I have to work it out again.]
Sasuke : Lets go then!!
Suigetsu/Juugo : ....
Orochimaru : Wait a minute!! Summoning Jutsu!! (slams his hand on the ground)
(a standing figure appears)
Suigetsu : ?!!
Sasuke/Juugo : .....
Suigetsu : Kabuto?!!
Orochimaru : Kabuto is a sincere assistant of mine. I'll just keep him safe for now. Lets go!!
(Everyone moves out of the hideout except Kabuto)
(They travels over the Valley of the End)
Sasuke : (looks at Madara's statue)
(remembers his fight with Naruto)
(remembers Tobi's words " I am Uchiha Madara!! ") [I'll meet both of you....later]
(Sasuke, Juugo, Suigetsu and Orochimaru lands on the outskirts of a forest)
Sasuke : ?!!
Orochimaru : ?!! [What must have happened here?]
Juugo : ....
Suigetsu : ?!! This is too much even for us, isn't it?......Sasuke?
Sasuke : (remembers)
[Tobi : Konoha no longer exists. One of my minions, Pain, destroyed it.
Zetsu : Naruto defeated Pain all by himself. At this point, he is stronger than you..Sasuke
[Itachi : The village might be full of contradictions and darkness....but I'm still Leaf's Itachi Uchiha]
Sasuke : Hmm...[As I come closer to this village, these places.....]
Orochimaru : ....
Sasuke : Why did you bring us here?
Orochimaru : There is one more hideout of mine here...And you know that place very well.... Sasuke.
Sasuke : ?!!
(Orochimaru takes them to a hidden way to the hideout)
(On the way, Sasuke remembers his good days with Itachi, playing around in the village, training with him, Itachi poking his forehead, Itachi crying on the night of the massacre)
[Itachi : I was able to obtain this eye. At the main temple of Nakano Shrine....on the far right side, under the seventh Tatami Mat is the clan's secret meeting place. There you will find what purpose the doujutsu of the uchiha clan originally served.... The real secret is written there.]
Sasuke : ?!!! (steps in that room.)

(A new route to the that place)
(When did Orochimaru planned this hideout?)
(How will Sasuke react?)