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insignificant ? spare me the BS, everyone goes for the touchdown, they could care less about the field goal,
all sport involved FOOT like swimming,tennis and many more but they don't call it football, what i mean don't involved is they don't use that as the main thing in the sport, they use their hands to pass and to carry the ball they don't dribble the ball, well of course they can't dribble it cause it ain't ball,

Lmao, spare you the BS. Oh the irony.
Obviously, everyone goes for the touchdowns. Do they always get it? No. What they care about is putting points on the board. Whether it be a field goal or a touchdown. If they score a touchdown, they get 6 points, and would have to KICK it for an extra point. Then KICKING it again to the other team. If they don't get into the end zone, they have to KICK a field goal.

@ Bold. Obviously. It wouldn't be a sport if it doesn't require you to use your feet, as it would be sitting down of some sort. The difference is the sports you mentioned don't require contact between the foot and the ball. As football actually does. Going by your logic, why don't you call your version of football, kickball? As all your doing is kicking a ball.

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then why would you call it soccer when its originally called FOOTBALL ?, saying your hand egg is football while calling the real FOOTBALL soccer is the real ignorance.....
How disgraceful and ignorant. Smh.
No. I have never said your version of football should be called soccer. That is where your ignorance comes in. Your calling our football hand egg, but on the flip side getting mad when someone calls it soccer. It is in no way ignorance of me calling our football, football, and our soccer, soccer. That is the actual name of the sport in America, not a stupid made up nickname such a hand egg. Your trying to rename a sport that doesn't even exist in your country, where we play both, football and soccer.

As i said before, i can easily just say, that your version of football is called kick ball. Is that correct? No. Same applies with calling our football hand egg.

And if you want to get technical, were not tossing and catching an egg, so that doesn't even make sense.