Facts and Feats Regarding Might Guy :

1. He is faster than EMS Sasuke. [He is in general 4th Fastest with his gates]

2. The greatest Taijutsu user.

3. Most experienced vs Sharingan/MS fighter. [Can fight MS user comfortably w/out eye contact]

4. SOLO'd Kisame with Med Diff.

5. Hirudora can SOLO Susanoo.

6. With 8th Gate he may even surpass Edo Madara.

7. Has far greater battle experience than Sasuke.

Counters to Sasuke's Abilities -

1. Amatersu - Guy is too fast.
2. Genjutsus - Guy fights w/out an eye-contact.
3. Susanoo - Hirudora and Morning Peacock.
4. Sword - Nunchucks.

5. Stamina :

Sasuke has weak stamina and chakra compared to Guy. Guy has been fighting the war and S-Ranked Edos. Took on Bijjus and had no problems ***** slapping Edo Madara's Susanoo.

So what do you think? No flaming please. And please back your responses with manga!