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Gai with the 7th Gate open easily beats Sasuke.

Gai can go to 7th Gate a hell of a lot faster than Sasuke can use his Susano'o's full power, he has to be in the mood for it to be complete his hatred makes it stronger.
Look at his latest fight the Susano'o he was using wasn't always complete, it doesn't stay that way indefinitely.

Hirudora isn't the only thing 7th Gate Gai has...
Since he used it people seem to get how ridiculous a boost in speed the gates give the user, Sasuke can't handle that speed.

How is Gai countering a ring of Amaterasu?
Simple, he takes Sasuke out before he can do that.

Even if Sasuke somehow manages, Hirudora or a punch to the ground ruins that defense because the ground that Amaterasu is on will fly away, not protecting and possibly even hitting Sasuke.

Sasuke has no way to instantly beat Gai which is what he would have to do to win this.
Gai uses gates when he has to.
He would have to against Sasuke so Sasuke loses.
Since when do u have 2 b angry 2 use susanoo? He can use it when ever he wants n it's pretty fast. He wasn't using a complete susanoo because it was bigger and It wouldn't fit in the cave. GAI wouldn't even touch sasuke unless he is willing 2 lose an arm.