The reason i made this thread is because people claim PS is an EMS jutsu. for my thoughts on that:

most claimed that PS is an EMS technique

before i start, there are some things i would like to point out. this is something i found on the net on other forum.


(1) When Madara used his sent out his normal Susanoo, his eye assumed a normal EMS form.

(2) He could not use Rinnegan Preta Path to absorb Jinton while his EMS was activated, since his Rinnegan was not activated.

(3) Also previously, he has to switch to the Rinnegan before he could absorb Jinton. Of which, Susanoo dissipated when he did it.

(4) When he switched to the Rinnegan, his perfect Susanoo form was shown.

(5) Therefore I believe that the Rinnegan and the EMS are mutually exclusive of each other, AND the Susanoo Perfect form is actually a Rinnegan power, but it is probably usable only by people with BOTH the Rinnegan, and all previously unlocked stages of the sharingan.

Hmmm I am not sure, but maybe I might be wrong on some parts. The Rinnegan was used together with Susanoo with that meteorite jutsu. Perhaps it's usable with Susanoo, but not with the other Rinnegan jutsus if EMS is employed?

Conversely, the EMS was used for genjutsu. Perhaps the Rinnegan had no such

When madara first activated Susanoo, he had his EMS.

then when he activated PS. he had his rinnegan.

now people may say that it is because he already had rinnegan when he activated PS but then why does he change back to his EMS when he uses a genjutsu on A.

the last thing is that madara could not use susanoo when using preta path and vice versa

he says that the susanoo were not fast enough to avoid the jinton but why not absorb it? because he could not.

in my other thread i stated that PS was not exactly an rinnegan tech but an EMS tech greatly improved by senju DNA. the combination of the the uchiha's powerful chakra and spiritual energy and the senju's life force and physical energy.

but according to other people, i am wrong and only EMS is needed.

but i thought about something when madara first uses his PS he refers to this as his full power, so if this is true then that means that EMS is stronger than the Rinnegan? and in my eyes, thats absolutely wrong...