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The only difference that we know of of MS and EMS ais that if you have EMS, you dont go blind. THATS IT. It was never stated that to get PS u need EMS NEVER. We havnt seen anything diff from Sasukes Susanoo from MS to EMS other than its hood around it turned into a beak representing Sasukes Hawk persona and Amaterasu covering his arrows so hes just using Kagutsscuchi.

We dont know if PS chakra stabilized is Rinnegan or not but i think its not. Why? because it looks like thats not the first time Madara used that Susanoo and he looks adept with it. HE unlocked Rinnegan shortly before death and didnt have any time to train with it so how cud he pull out PS chakra stabilized with no much knowledge of Rinnegan? Same as how He never used Hashiramas wood jutsu before getting esurrected. He says "let me try something" and uses Hashiramas wood jutsu,hes never used it before but knows how it works because hes seen Hashirama use it. He knows the seals but he didnt have the dna.

The only Rinnegan jutsu he used was Preta path and that was in dire situation which we all know is when people unlock hidden potential. Why doesnt he use all other Rinnegan tchs? because hes not adept with it,he never had time to train with it. Unlike Ngato who had it since he was like 8-9.
You kinda destroyed your own thread.