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    Possibly a change in cj rules?

    Let me start out by saying in no way am I "butt hurt" or angry about my situation i simply think a change in the rules should be in place

    Not five minutes ago I, very calmly and with great manners asked Scorps for a reason for declining my cj's other than and i quote "Flying Boots :sy:" found HERE
    HERE is the cj in question btw, on post 1858 the first submission

    I was later infracted about 3 minutes ago with this cited as the reason

    Bugging: Towards showing respect to moderators' private time, asking questions like: "pls pls pls pls approve my bio" and "chheeeeeek my customssssss!!!!" (x100), are prohibited effective immediately. Every question like this on Visitor Messages, Private Messages or posts will be considered spam, and will be treated as such by being totally ignored and deleted immediately, or if repeated, will receive Warnings or Infractions. There are stuck threads in every section which will guide you to the NB's How to's.

    I dont know about you, but in no way does what I vm'ed Scorps sound like the above. I did not ask him 1000 times, I asked him once for a cj declined with no way to fix it at all.

    What i asked does not seem like a hard request to fufill, if you look at the cj's Xylon checks he gives a stated reason, a way to fix it, or if none of this is possible, A DNR. As you can see my cj did not get Dnr'd it was simply left there declined with seemingly no reason. If my cj was simply Dnr'd i wouldnt have a problem with it since i cant resubmit it. But here I am left with no direction in which to take this.

    My suggestion is that if a cj is declined that the mod in question must either state a reason as to why it is declined or just DNR it on the spot. Im almost sure that most of us on nb are willing to wait an extra 2-3 days between cycles as long as this is fufilled since they are atleast helping the process and giving us a way to fix it. What say you nb?

    If more evidence/proof/ anything is needed simply ask and it shall be given

    let me add that this isnt about my cj really its just an example of something that happened that led me to think this. In no way is this to discuss my cj
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