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    Re: Possibly a change in cj rules?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vision View Post
    In the front of the CJ thread, you have agreed on all terms and conditions before submitting them. It's just like the global rules of the forum. When you signed up and registered you have agreed to all terms and conditions. It's the samething here and to complain about it will not help you in anyway. Just as someone posted here is what you agreed to.

    As well as this

    Remember you agreed to these terms and conditions before you submitted your CJ's.

    Mainly on your 4th statement, how do you know if she was infracted or not? You can not possibly see that she was infracted. Did you ask her or have any proof of her not being infracted? To assume simply that she wasn't infracted in itself isn't fair to scorps is there? Don't call someone out without knowing the full story and in this case to be honest, don't worry too much about who and who arn't getting infractions, really it's not even your business.
    I actually explained the fourth part to him in the following manner. When I made my reply I accidentally derped and closed the tab and everything was lost. But this part bothered me the most so I sent him a VM about that for clarification:

    "Lol, I made a reply in your thread and accidentally closed the tab and lost everything so I'll just give you the short version of it here, if you want further explanation then I'll post tomorrow.

    I just wanted to assure you that what I said wasn't implying biases. When I decide to specifically help a member get techniques approved, when I help I lose the right to check that technique. Because we have the choice to help members get techniques approved outside of CJ bureaus, we can't check the submissions of those that we DO help. Otherwise we would have to either take VMs/PMs from everyone (I'm sure that you can foresee the problem with that) or not be allowed to help friends get techniques approved which would stop us from being co-creators and such. That was the most important thing since you seemed the most bothered by that lol."

    Anyway, for the rest, you know my stances.

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    Re: Possibly a change in cj rules?

    If you didn't understand the reason and/or feel that this infraction was unfair, next logical and proper step is to take this issue to head RP mod Caliburn or the admin in charge of RP , Nexus instead of making a thread.

    If newbies to the site who do not understand how the forums work make such threads, I can understand. User who have been around enough to learn the steps to be taken in case of a dispute with a mod should know better.

    Closing the thread as I don't see it as a suggestion in any way. RPmods will get back to you.
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    Re: Possibly a change in cj rules?

    Ok, people have pointed out this with quotes from both the global rules (which i quoted in the infraction I issued you) and with quotes from the CJ thread but i'll sum it up in a few statements so we get a common ground:

    -In the CJ thread we aren't and never were obligated to leave a reason as to why a custom was declined. We do so on our own regards.

    -When you post a technique in the cj thread to be checked you are basically abiding by the global rules of the forum but also the rules and guidelines of the cJ thread which are more than clearly explained in the first post of the thread. Something that I must remind didn't exist before I took the CJ thread into my hands.

    -In that first post there is 2 rules that pertain to this situation: The Red Rule and the disclaimer at the bottom, both copied by members and shown here. One makes it so that you can't bug or vm mods about techniques checked and declined and the other is basically a note that says you agree to all of the above by posting and that you can't expect a reason as to why its declined even if checkers can decide to give you one.

    -Making this thread can earn you a few things: infraction, detention, ban from the cj thread, etc etc.

    -Your technique was a submission for a pair of flying boots CW... Sorry for repeating myself but :sy:

    Now, regarding some things you said i find it interesting that you pm me not long ago trying to get my help to get a CFS your friend Teno made approved knowning that he is banned from the custom sections for a long time. And when I didn't reply to the pm (like I don't have to...) you decide to vm me. Like you've been vming me for awhile now right? For the smallest of things. Yet only now did i infract you for buggig me yet there were other times when I could have done so. I don't help people get their customs approved. Its not my job, its not what i'm here for and if I was to do it for one person I'd do it for everyone and that would leave me unable to do anything else. And you can try and get vms and pms and supposed proof that this happens and i ensure you that nothing viable will be found. I don't help people get their cjs approved or made or reasonable or wtv the reason might be. I don't.

    Its not the job of any mod to help you get things approved, help you pass your battle tests or whatever it might be that you deem its our job to do to help you out. Its not our job to help members get things approved. Period.

    You submitted a CJ that won't be approved and I checked it with the note you so kindly quoted. Like Riku said, its pretty obvious the why its declined and what can be done to it. Its a pair of flying boots.... :sy:

    And I find it quite intereesting that you of all people made this thread. The person who put up a tantrum in the village because of CJs and how they are OPed and how its unfair and how CJs shouldn't exist and what not and you make a thread about a declined cj... Sorry to say but you're a hypocrite. Its not an offense though, it just means that you sway your sides when it suits your situations, something you share with tons of people in the world. Doesn't make it less pathetic. Then, because of the village tournament, it was good to be against CJs because you found you had (in your mind) no chance against other menbers in the village because you didn't have cjs and you had to basically "blame", not yourself because you were incapable of making a decent logical cj (that would be impossible for someone of your level of skill and mastery over the RP...), but the fact that others could (dam them for having skill or being actually smart or reasonable....). Now, because your custom which you so interestingly find more than approvable and reasonable was declined, you make a thread, again shifting the blame from yourself and your lack of ability to do customs to the one who checked it, in this case me, for declining it without a reason. Such internal conflicts are generally resolved with therapy. You might want to look into it.

    As for lili, last person who accused me of that (stragnely with the exact same argument and everything...i wonder...) was Asskickulator. He said lili broke the blue rule and never got her cjs declined for it and that I was bias because I didn't decline hers for it. I asked for proof (you know why? because only in extreeme cases do I check lili's customs...or McRazors, or any other of my RP friends...And it has been so for a long time now...exactly because weak minded hypocrites like yourself find it interesting to accuse me of being bais whenever things aren't to their likings..its never your fault but rather that others get their cjs approved because they are our friends...weak minded argument of someone who is so blinded by his arrogant self righteousness that he can still think people don't see his own real reaons for what he says/does). He then proceeded to find lili's submissions...last one at the time that I had checked was checked 1 week or so before the blue rule was introduced. From that point forward I had only checked one submission of hers with 3 techniques where no blue rule infringement was done, rest had been checked by Passion and xylon, some of which I left on purpose to them to be checked exactly because regardless of what I do, people deem that my actions are always bias. I checked one 2 days ago since they were Xylon left for me for having complicated Genjutsu and no blue rule infringement was in it. You can check. Asskickulator did it. Yet, somehow, he continued to rage that it was my fault that submissions that broke the blue rule, and that werent checked by me btw, weren't declined because they were from people i talk to in the RP or, dare I say, are my "friends" and that made me corrupt. Something I had nothing to do with. I don't have any problem with my checkings and my conscience is more than at peace in those regards. So instead of spitting accusations like a little snivelling snake, please be sure that you have something viable to say. Otherwise, simply don't say a thing. It only makes you seem that more pathetic.

    And you know whats funny? Its that you somehow think this makes a diffference. You think this will make us change a rule that has been in the RP since long before you even knew it existed? No it won't. Because at the end of the day no matter what you say or do, this is nothing more than a case of a winning member complaining about a custom that was declined and thinking that by bringing it into the "public" it somehow makes a difference. And we will never expose ourselves to an avalanche of complaints and vms about our checkings everytime a member finds them wrong.

    Ps- for future reference, take such issues to Caliburn or to Nexus directly. Like you should have done in the first place.

    Ps2- Yes this is not a post all professional and nice and such, but in all honesty, all those who know me know that I don't take accusations of corruption and bias checking lightly and I does bring up the human in me instead of the robot that moderates the site 95% of the time.


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