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    Naruto 609 prediction


    *scene opens with Madara with rinnegan active and a bloody guy*

    Madara: DO YOU EVEN LIFT * as he emrges from the pile of rocks that the hirudora caused*

    Guy: uhhhh do i what?

    Madara: you heard me do you lift? because THIS ISNT EVEN MY FINAL FORM!

    Guy: this doesnt seem good

    Madara: Prepare.....(unaudible whispers.) *he appaears from the ground and grabs one of the 8tails tentacles* Your Anus!!!!!

    * back to naruto and kakashi*

    Kakashi: yeah ***** what ya gonna d... ( obito attempts to warp kakshi but is stopped by naruto)

    Obito: You annoying excuse for a uzamaki power leeching would have been dead without the ninetails tramp!!!

    Naruto: i didnt realize that this was a costume party obito

    Obito: huh...?

    Naruto: is that why your dressed as a jelly fish?

    Obito: * rising pillar of hell's ashes* ( the air gets hot and then a large explosion and from the mist of it all naruto appears and punches obito landing a direct hit.)

    Naruto: Mad bro?

    Obito: i wi....

    Kakashi: RAIKIRI *it goes through obito actually slighty hurting him* want to know the quickest way to a womens heart?

    Obito: dont say it!

    Kakashi: Raikiri

    Obito: SHINRA TENSEI * this pushes kakashi and naruto back* i think its time i stopped playing around!

    *back to madara and bee and guy bee is on the ground and guy is in madara.*

    Madara: Your F*cking dun kid * he prepares for a jutsu* Katon * guy is burnt nearly dead ...... but wait there's more*

    Guy: * He lifts up* I wll fornicate with your skull ............ 8th gate release * a radius of 500 acres of land begin to fill with blue chakra* Time to die

    Madara: alrigh.....

    *back to sasuke*

    Next chapter: finally back to oro and sasuke and where are the konoha 11?

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    Re: Naruto 609 prediction

    Well this would be fine, its not like kishi can ruin the manga anymore.

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    Re: Naruto 609 prediction

    Hahah dude you made me laugh,'DO YOU EVEN LIFT'

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