Before you comment read the rest of this post.

If you comment suggest why and dont just assume who is better.
I am pretty sure that most people will vote for Madara due to his raw power and sharingan.
Lets just say that both are full health except Madara has EMS.
So.. Minato vs. EMS Madara
Here we go...

Minato Namikaze


Known for his god-speed he is practically untouchable, even when obito used his kamui on minato he was able to evade it and also his s/t overpowers his. Minatos only offensive attack we know at the moment is the rasengan. This may be the case but Minato also has summons(gamabunta, ma and pa etc.) and also specializes in sealing jutsu's(death reaper seal, eight trigrams seal etc). Not to mention his ultimate jutsu FTG is what can possibly bring Madara down, it could even get through susanoo.

Ways in which Minato can defeat Madara:

1. If Minato ever landed a FTG seal on Madara he would have a very low chance at defeating Minato due to the fact that he is marked and has no chance of escape or evading any of Minatos attacks head on. Even if Madara was in susanoo form, Minato still has a chance at attacking him because there is a gap between him and his susanoo. For instance if Madara was marked Minato could charge his rasengan to full power and then use FTG to get Madara inside his susanoo. If Minato was able to use kage bushin no jutsu he would be extremely hard to defeat meaning that his s/t combined with 3 or 4 shadow clones could possibly end the fight.

2. Sealing jutsu will be in handy for short distance because you cannot release a seal physically. A seal is intangible meaning Minatos seals can bring Madara down. If the case was that bad Minato could ude his Reaper death seal as his final card to end the fight. The only thing is, is that the user of the jutsu dies which makes it a draw but in any case he still defeated Madara.

3. Besides Minatos sealing jutsu and offensive jutsu's he still has summons which can prolong the battle possibly giving Minato the chance to recover or think of another strategy. This could also tire out Madara and distract him opening him for an attack.

Madara Uchiha

Madara's abilities:

Been the first to unlock MS and use its abilities grants Madara more experience with the sharingan and more of a powerful opponent. If he uses EMS he has the ability to use mangekyou without losong sight which can be an extreme advantage to battle. Madara specializes in fire style based justu's and has the ability to control bijuu such as kyuubi. Also his ability to use genjutsu, this could possibly work if he had Minato completely immobilised and could have him dead mentally. His ultimate justsu would have to be susanoo which could make things very hard for Minato. Minatos attacks will be rendered useless and would have no effect on him in susanoo form. Madara owns the battle close range and if he did use his PS then the battle could possibly end.

Ways in which Madara could defeat Minato:

1. His ability to use genjutsu could bring him a win to the battle if he had Minato immobilised, it would grant an instant win unless minato used kage bushin.

2. Madara's firestyle was known to be incredibly advanced and could put Minato in great risk of been attacked close range been unable to defend it physically. Minato is vulnerable to head on attacks like this besides him using FTG for defense.

3. Susanoo will be Madara's ultimate jutsu which would own Minato close range unless he isnt been sealed Madara is automatically winner of the battle. PS will be as much of a threat in which would turn the tables instantly and put minato at high risk of death.

Besides that I think that Minato would have more of a chance, and not to show that I'm being biased but Madara cannot evade FTG or a seal close range but as for all of Madara attacks Minato is able to use FTG or summons to escape.

Madara's trump card: Perfect susanoo
Minato's trump card: Reaper death seal or FTG