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    Re: Proof current Kakashi is stronger than alive Itachi(Explanation inside)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lilt View Post
    Sasuke had the same stamina as Kakashi when he fought Itachi, and yet Itachi outlasted Sasuke by a significant margin.
    Sasuke may be had more chakra, but the only fact to use CS takes a lot of chakra and reduce his stamina greatly so that he can't fight for too long with it like we've seen in part1, plus the fact he needed to conserv some chakra to contain Orochimaru in his body. So overall eventhough Sasuke had more chakra from the start, CS and containing Orochimaru made the thing harder. So normally Sasuke without CS or Orochimaru could fight much more longer

    Btw, i think databook states that Sasuke has more chakra than Kakashi
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