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    Awards Showcase

    天宝院遊騎 & 大神零

    Basic Information

    Name: (天宝院遊騎, Tenpouin Yuuki)
    Nicknames: Yuuki, Yuu-kun, Code Breaker: Code 03
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Clan: Sōma no Kō

    Yuuki has dark red hair. His hair is wild, going spikey in the back but splits to two sides to cover his ears. He usually wears a long-sleeve white jacket hoodie with black combat boots. Most of the time, Yuuki wears plain grey pants with a loosley tied belt. When not in battle, Yuuki wears a black shirt with tan pants. He has a barcode on his chest. He is 165 cm tall. He wears army boots and keeps his shoelaces untied.

    A major love of his is the Nyanmaru toy franchise. Despite his violent tendencies, he genuinely rewards kindness, and apologizes for his actions by giving gifts to people, although the gifts tend to be Nyanmaru merchandise. Yuuki often mistakes a lot of people for many different Nyanmaru toys and gives them weird names ending with -maru. One of his interesting "abilities" is that he can sleep with his eyes still opened. Yuuki is a free spirit whom nobody can ever control. At first glance, he seems pretty calm and childish but goes on a rampage if anyone insults or soils Nyanmaru. He too seems to not prefer the idea of killing, as he went out of his way to save a pregnant woman and a small child from an explosion for example. He has suffered a traumatic past, resulting in him becoming kind rather than evil. Yuuki usually protects others from danger, no matter what, and tries to help them in any way he can though his ways are usually a little odd.

    Name: 大神零 Ōgami Rei
    Nicknames: Rei, Code:Breaker Code 06
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Clan: Sōma no Kō

    Rei has short black hair with his bangs swept to the side of his face. He has brown eyes that are normally half closed; when they are fully open, it usually means he is hiding behind his mask. Most of the time he wears a white T-shirt, a black long sleeved jacket, and black slacks. In addition, he wears a ring on his left thumb, and a glove over the same hand.

    Ogami has shown many different sides to himself. One is where he acts polite, kind and somewhat shy. However, when he fights he completely transforms into a ruthless killer, who only kills what he deems "evil". Despite that he claims to not care about people, he has shown signs that he does care for people and he shows this through unusual means, but nonetheless he truly does care for others' well-being.

    Village Information

    Village of Birth: Laboratory in Kumogakure
    Village of Alliance:
    - Konohagakure
    - Kirigakure

    Rank // Chakra Information

    Ninja Rank:Unofficial
    Hidden Mist
    Silent Killing


    Basic 5 → MASTERED
    Pearl → MASTERED
    Rain → MASTERED
    Taijutsu → MASTERED
    Ninjutsu → MASTERED
    Genjutsu → MASTERED
    Kenjutsu → MASTERED
    Sōma no Kō → MASTERED
    Kei-Sekken → MASTERED
    Infinite One-Sword Style → MASTERED
    Kaito's Taijutsu → MASTERED but Restricted ones
    Fuuinjutsu → Up To ( Fūin Wana Bakuhatsu ) – Sealing Trap Explosion

    Background Information


    Both Yuuki and Rei were born in Kumogakure's old Daimyo Roku's Laboratory and were one of Roku's great experiments with clan known as Sōma no Kō Clan and tried to use genes of some Sōma no Kō's members and put them into two pregnant women whom, when their children were born, she had to give them to Roku for his experiments. Roku decided, that he will try to put them into only one body which was one of the abilities of Sōma no Kō Clan, so he hurt Rei and put him to Yuuki, when he did so, Yuuki used Sōma no Kō's ability and Rei merged into Yuuki and after couple of minutes, when Rei was cured, they seperated again, Roku thought for himself that the experiment was success, so he decided to send those boys away as spies into Kirigakure and Konohagakure, since they were still less than 1 year old, they wouldn't remember that they work for Kumogakure, so he put certain seal into their brains and when they would become 12 years old, they would get knowledge of their mission for Kumogakure. He decided that their mothers are to be the ones to take the boys into the respective villages, Yuuki with his mother into Kirigakure and Rei with his mother into Konohagakure. When they reached their given locations, both mothers got mind checked and knew that they are from Kumogakure, but didn't know who ordered them to come or that the boys have "brother" as mothers didn't know what their sons will be made of. Both village's higher ups decided to keep the boys in their villages and Rei was more lucky, as he was adopted by man who was part of the same family as he was, so he took care of Rei and teached him 4 basic elements, Wind, Earth, Fire and Lightning when Rei was only 5 years old. Yuuki was less lucky, as he was put into Kirigakure's secret program of Code Breakers, where only little children were accepted. Yuuki got taught in 4 basic elements which were Wind, Earth, Water and Lightning, and quickly became the 3rd strongest Code Breaker, who's rank was Code: 03. As they were growing up, both became completely opposite to the other one, as Rei was taught by his adoptive brother that he should be ruthless with which he went with and Yuuki was taught to be nice to people in most cases. Both boys were growing quite quickly, without knowing they have any "brother". When boys got 12, seal of Roku was released and they knew what their mission is, but something that Roku didn't expect happened, both boys decided not to follow orders of Kumogakure and stayed in their respective villages and kept being loyal to them. When both were 15, Kirigakure and Konohagakure went into small "war". Yuuki as Code Breaker was in the front lines as it was his duty, with his senseis Isabella Uchiha, Akiza Uchiha, Asura of the Nekura, Percy Jackson and Mizukage at that time Heihachi Kaguya. Against them in the front line were Rei who was main subordinate of Laxus Dreyar Yuki the man called shortly Zanji and the man known as Ice Sage and 3rd highest ranked member of Konohagakure. On the front line with him were his master Zanji, Galen Hyuuga, Hokage who man known as Yamato, Dante and Scorpio. The battle was very tough for everyone and when Yuuki and Rei faced each other, they both were shocked cause they felt that they should be close to each other as they somehow knew they met somewhere before. When they fought, their main specialties, unfortunately for Rei, were completely different as Yuuki focused in Water and Rei in Fire, so he clearly lost, even tho he lost, he was able to hurt Yuuki quite severely, during the battle, it was decided as tie, and Yuuki stole his "brother" from Konohagakure and brought him to Kirigakure, where he himself took care of interogation, and they both got to know that they had the same mission and the same date of birth, which both concluded that it is not some sort of coincidence, so they tested it, Yuuki hurt Rei and was able to put Rei's body to merge with him. Rei didn't want to betray Konohagakure, but Yuuki made him do so as his main point was, that Konohagakure didn't even start negotiating with Kirigakure about Rei returning into his home. Rei couldn't believe that his master Zanji would betray him like this, after 1 year of not believing, he asked Yuuki if he could help Kirigakure to become the strongest. He decided that he would do so and signed his "brother" into Code Breaker system and as every new Code Breaker, he started as Code: 06. Yuuki taught Rei in the arts of Suiton and Rei taught Yuuki in the arts of Katon. They both were send on missions together as they became very good in teamwork and accepted each other as brothers. Both were together on mission into Amegakure, where they spend 2 months and learned how to control Rain Element, unlike other SNK users, they most of the time are not merged and none of them is the main body. Since he got betrayed by Konohagakure, Rei is part of Kirigakure as well as his "brother" Yuuki.

    Other Information

    Special Abilities:
    Gods Of Suiton
    Their skills in Suiton techniques are on such a high level, that they can use them with 1 hand seal.

    Masters Of Katon
    After long time of practicing Katon, they became able to perform hand seals for Katon techniques faster than other elements except of Suiton ones.

    Masters Of Silent Killing And Hidden Mist Jutsu
    They became highly skilled in using these two techniques because they are long-time member of Hidden Mist Village and these two techniques are specialty of this village.

    Kings Of Taijutsu
    By training Taijutsu with 1 8IG master and 2 exceptional senseis, they became specialists in it. Their Taijutsu skills are on very high level and they are respected for it by almost everyone. By having this training, they obtained huge strength so that they can use their weapon Caliburn and other heavy weapons with using just one hand.

    Blood Mist Legacy
    Blood Mist Legacy is certain type of we can say disease which hits people who are members of Kirigakure. This disease makes shinobi who are effected by it become completely fearless, scary looking and without any feelings able to kill even best friends while in battle.

    Other + Equipment:
    They always take their Custom Weapon into battle which is Caliburn at this moment. (most of the time Yuuki uses it)

    If they can't use their Custom Weapon, than they take at least 2 of these Katanas. (Rei takes 2 of them always)

    If they can and if it is serious battle, than they take their case of Infinite One-Sword Style's swords. (both one case)
    [img]http://t2.************/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSmW_60VgxMiCABr7gqje4vepG0CBpBq HFJxJbWaD2Te2vCbmQ9qQ[/img]

    Both have this tattoo on their left shoulder which is sign of those who signed Buzzard Summoning Contract, they too signed Shell Summoning Contract with Oasis Nara.




    Theme Song and Background Music:

    Battle Information

    Won: N/A
    Lost: N/A


    Dropping: Yamamoto Takeshi after such a long time but don't worry people, he will return
    Expect better history next time

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