As we all the the term "genius" has been tossed around in the series more the Naruto's shadow clones . There has been many characters called called a genius and many members take this to heart, in which they think they're entitled to use this as support in proving one's intelligence. However, here

even Lee was called a genius by Kakashi, a respectable character in the series. Now, not to see Lee is a complete dumbass (he's my top three faves), he's far from a genius. Therefore, with this I just want to point out that term genius inst necessarily used in the manner how we view. In the the shinobi world, the term genius comes with simply mastering/accomplishing a hard technique/jutsu. This doesn't prove that ones intelligence is beyond the average shinobi, as many try to argue in VS threads.

So in conclusion, stop always tossing around how one was once called a genius in the series, they all have average shinobi intelligence except for a few.