Top 10 Most Underrated Characters
Ok, so we have all read/watched Naruto and their are a few characters who are underrated in their strength, when they are actually quiet strong. I'm listing ten below that I think are underrated, let me know if you agree/disagree and why:
1.Tenten-Besides the war, the only fight I can really remember the “scroll girl” being in is when she fought Temari of the sand village in the chunin exams. She has entire artillery in her scrolls and she made it look so easy. Man she is good but often forgotten.
2.Suigetsu-You know the water guy from Team Haku, he takes the #2 spot. At once he went head on with our rapper Killer Bee in Beast mode and got hit with a tailed beast bomb and survived. You cannot say that most ninja would have had balls to face such a thing.
3.Kakazu-Kakazu, the weirdo from Akatsuki takes the #3 spot. His ability to control different nature with his hearts he collected from his enemies is in a way kickass. And probably he is the only villain in anime history who has a heart (or hearts).
4.Saiken-Saiken is the six tailed beast. His ability was that he could control bubbles using some type of water jutsu – Kids would love to have him as a pet. Eventually at the end of the arc he was captured by Pain in a way that left us all in awe.
5.Shino Aburame-Shino Aburame takes the #5 spot. You know the one who roams, eats, fights and sleeps with tiny bugs. Of course he is skilled but at close range, he would get his butt kicked. Maybe things would have been interesting if his bugs could do a lot more.
6.Neji Hyuga-Neji Hyuga takes the #6 spot. I admit Neji is a great fighter from the Hyuga clan, but initially he was shown as someone ruthless who hated serving Hinata just because she is from the main branch. The talented doesn’t fall for petty emotions like that. Perhaps his character could have been shaped in a different way.
7.Kimimaro-Kimimaro the bonehead (even literally) takes the #7 spot. Kimimaro was portrayed as some sick loyal dog to Orochimaru. His powers were threatening at one point of time, but what the hell; he dies pathetically in the hands of Gaara and Rock Lee. If you ask me, he could have been more than just a pawn.
8.Hanzo-Hanzo, the poisonous salamander, takes the #8 spot. He had one some fighting skills man, but they killed him too. The coolest part is he was the one who named Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru as the three legendary sannin.
9.Kabuto-Kabuto, the four eyes, comes #9 in the list. Introduced as a sidekick to the notorious Orochimaru, his character remained such till the end. Though Kabuto was shown having an upper hand in the Fourth Shinobi World War, he was using only his master’s powers and thanks to Itachi, he didn’t last long. Maybe Kabuto should done much more on his own.
10.Tobirama Senju-The second Hokage takes the #10 spot. The dude is obviously powerful and can easily manipulate water nature. He can make massive amounts of water out of almost nothing. But still he was used by Orochimaru as a zombie just like that to fight against the third Hokage which very ironic because the second Hokage was credited for inventing the Edo Tensei in the first place. Yet the fight kind of sucked.