Tell us who do you think is the best, or one of the best, characters in Naruto and why?... Not the Most Powerful, Not the Most Popular and Not your Favorite Character but who is Best as a Character.

But here's the catch you cannot name a character in your; Username, Signature, or Profile Pic. (I know we've got some dedicated fanboys here on the Base, and I'm cool with that, if you love a character you should show it, I do even though no one knows him, but I also want people to really think on this question as what makes a good character, and what characters did Kishimoto write better than others.)


I think one of the best characters is Rock Lee. He's simple, easy going, determined, goofy and he's a character that isn't complicated and doesn't need to be. Lee's simplicity makes him funnier than most characters because he's not in depth and doesn't fit to a strict character type. He's strong, powerful, has basic morals, is willing to sacrifice his well being for his friends.

Lee's also a good balancing element to some darker stricter characters like Sasuke (Not picking on Sasuke, he's just a good example) who's character role involves many strict moves, nothing really radical or outside the box, Sasuke is an Avenger and takes down anyone in his way unless they're so far beneath him they don't matter. Lee never goes looking for a fight and other than what goes on in the moment he really has no ultimate plan. Lee will fight for his friends and fight when it is necessary, Sasuke goes hunting for his targets and rarely fights because it was unplanned. Lee has no real goals other than to be successful, while Sasuke has intricate plans for his future and works to make them happen.

It's this element of simplicity within Lee that makes him a strong and well written character even though he gets very little screen time, and even though Lee is not in depth or extremely powerful he's still fun to watch and lightens the mood from a generally heavy and serious show.