Lets ascess a couple things that happened in the previous chapter:
Obito trys to kill kakashi with a series of attacks but obviously kakashi counters. Then O proceeds to use kamui trapping kakashi into the alternate ream. Ka. Escapes because he can transport himself out being his eye is from obito. . Madara meanwhile traps the eigjt tails and uses susanoo to try and kill or injure the eight tails. Gai has other plansand uses his eveing tiger to swallorw up susanoo.. Or also naruto was also fighting two places at once protecting kakashi while fighting madara. Next obito trys to attack naruto's clone. Kakashi uses raikiri and counters. What will happen next?

I think obito and madara begin to use rinnegan to counter this kakashi naruto duo who don't seem to lose to often when together.. Hopefully yamato makes an appearance to counter madara. Or maybe kishi goes back to sasuke/orochimaru. But if it is the latter I hope new powers are shown. I'm tired of these same attaks