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I don't understand why people try to counter knowledge that a character admits himself... Why argue that Hashirama can't defeat Madara when Madara himself said he could. Why argue that Itachi couldn't defeat Tobi when Tobi himself says he could have...? Unless more information comes out which contradicts the comment by the character such as why Itachi lied saying jiraiya could beat him, then just take the quote at face value.
When Obito dodged amaterasu, he said if Itachi knew his secrets then he would have died. So that basically interprets to if Itachi knew about(lets say kamui, cause that's my guess on what it was) Itachi would be able to kill him with amaterasu? I really doubt it....if it was Izanagi....itachi would have already known about that technique and sure as hell would assume "Madara" would have it.

so even if Itachi knew about kamui(not all of it, but just the part where he can be transparent) Do you really believe he could still kill him? Obito has both sharingan and hashi cells which give him both better stamina than Itachi and reflexes are on par, if not better. His genjutsu could plausibly be superior due to him being able to fully control a jinchuriki and manipulate a country through him.

Itachi could only go as far as stun someone with genjutsu, not kill(like tobi did with konan), nor control anyone with it. His susanoo can probably be warped through and the Totsuka blade is a hit or miss.

And also he's been trained by madara himself, making him almost equal to EMS/MS Madara.....so that is my reason for believing that Itachi could not kill Obito.

I'm not saying Itachi has no chance whatsoever, but it is unlikely.