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stop it you have no proof obito has better taijutsu than itachi, kakashi punched tobi and he was bleeding and hurt so just stop it, itachi has never even been hit with out letting himself ...itachi has faster hands and handseals than tobi, itahci has blocks chidori and raikiri and that is not easy to do...taijutsu i givei it to itachi

obito's katon was nowhere the size of itachi's when he fought team seven,

now heres something else itachi said tobi was pathetic, also like you said obito must be tangible to attack, itachi has sharingan to rad teh movements and amatersu which is instant, he also has great clone explosion and you never know which clone is itachi

i even give genjutsu to itachi, he could tsukyomi obito,
lol another fanboy.