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Amaterasu won't work when Tobi sucks him up from the back....u never know if its itachi, and sharingan should help with movements...can u imagine someone just sucking him up really

You obviosly aren't seeing this if itachi is looking where he's going he's going to be looking directly at him how ever i said maybe because its hard to explain and even might not work......someone can counter with clones and amateretsu and you have no proof tibi didnt use izanagi
If he can't see behind him he can't hit him with Amaterasu when he sucks him in from the back.

Yes he I do have proof, Izanagi needs to be activated BEFORE you get hit, not AFTER you get hit.

If he uses Amaterasu before Tobi sucks him up it will go right through him, when Tobi touches him it is over,

Exploding clones are stopped by a 5 min. of Izanagi and then Tobi sucks in Itachi.

Itachi can't hit Tobi.