Got a

1) was minato considered fast without Ftg ? I
Never found this out .

2) can samehada absorbed kisame absorb a tbb ?

3) is there a way besides shinra tensei to get Amaterasu off of you ?

4) can preta path absorb black flames ?

5) can sakuras punch break sasukes susanoo if tsunades punch is able to crack madaras ?

6) is nejis whirlwind spin defense a wind element ? Or just chakra ?

7) why can't we consider anime only
Jutsu legit . In dragon ball
Z , this happened a lot but no one ever said anything against it .

8) would tobirama be top 10?

9) how can sasuke distinguish between clones when neji cant?

10) can bee break itachis tsukoyomi ? I know that during their fight , itachi told bee not to look into his eyes..

11) can susanoo suffer to gentle fist ?

12) why can't lee learn jutsu .???? It says he has no talent but them again naruto need had talent for shadow clones and now he is the number one master of it..

Thanks in advance to anyone who helped