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    Interesting topics you might have not known.

    People who on average spend six hours each day watching TV can expect to live 4.8 years less. Every hour of TV reduces a sedentary adult's life expectancy by about 22 minutes.

    Nearly half of cancer diagnosed in the United Kingdom each year over 130,000 in total. Are cause by avoidable life choices such as smoking, drinking, and eating.

    How much does Facebook retained?
    An Austrian law student wanted to know how much data about him was stored. Facebook sent him a CD with 1,222 pages of data. Everything has been stored. Every message, chat, including sensitive information about friends. Even information he sure he has deleted.

    In Germany, over 90 % of women whose unborn child is diagnosed with Down syndrome opt for an abortion.

    These are topics that might enlighten you so to speak. Reading about this only makes me sad on how called this world has gotten. I hope you find these topics to be of interest.

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