Just a thought i had

DbzGt Determines Naruto...

7 shadow dragons = 2-7 evil Bijuu

Goku defeated all = Naruto Defeated all

7 shadow dragons fused into Omega shenron = 9 bijuu fused in to juubi +/- a Host

Goku couldn't defeat on his own = Naruto won't defeat on his own

Goku and vegeta defeated Shenron together = Naruto and Sasuke Defeating Juubi +/- the host together

Final blow by Goku's OP Signatiure move Spirit bomb = Final Blow by Naruto's sig move, OP Rasengan

Currently Sasuke has no reason to kill naruto. As much as he say's he would, i highly doubt he has the guts too and vice versa, naruto (though he claimed at the water fall they would die together).

We saw DBZGT Ending with, Not a Goku vs Vegeta final fight but a Goku Jr vs Vegeta Jr.

Meh, i have a feeling Naruto could end this way. In reality Sasuke should have clearly realized that his revenge for itachi/his clan dosen't make no sense at all at this point. But plot prevents him from realizing this.