Hi everybody :hey:

was just randomly thinking if the battle as its going now in the current manga chapters were different , how else would you have liked the matching for fighting??

like you know how naruto ( or his clone ) has all of sudden come away from Madara and jumped in front of Obito to help Kakashi? what if Naruto ( or his clone) stays here n helps kakashi?? do you believe Madara can be beaten by Killer Bee and Gai alone? ( if its not a naruto clone)

wat do your thoughts on this ??

personally i believe Killer Bee if his in Version 2.0 Mode, he would be fast n be practically untouchable unless you want to be hurt...( in this case madara) , but it would idealistic if Bee goes in full Hachibi mode even though this makes him slower and gives an opening for madara.

in regards to Gai, i believe if he goes 7th or eve 8th gate ...he will be able to hold a nice ground with Madara considering madara probably hasnt fought a taijutsu user like gai who uses his sweat to create power. ( my personal reflection is that in last weeks chapter thats how, gai's (daytime tiger) connected with madara even though he was in the protection of susanoo which we know is practically untouchable ( remember sasuke v 5 kage)

My real question is that how else would you have paired up everyone on this battlefield??

personally, i would have picked for:

Killer Bee & Naruto v Madara

Kakashi & Gai v Obito