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naruto sagemode + bijuumode will beat 10 tails both in strenght and chakra but thare is allso madara... who will absorb chackra+ that big susanoo but naruto will perfect ftg and win, but if madara becomes the 10 tails jinjuriki that will be bad like really bad.
Obito can't do much against naruto or bee unless he uses his rinnegan...

Madara is teh most OP'ed character in the series, he alone would beat naruto + bee -_____-

Now that madara has the 10 tails, it makes him EVEN more OP'ed...

prediction : naruto and others will get pawned...Sasuke will get a massive power boost as naruto did when he could full access the 9 tails power...Sasuke will probably switch sides and beat madara... -_____-

Uchiha clan = the most ****ed clan...(but the strongest)

strongest characters
1 - Rikudou Sennin
2 - Madara Uchiha
3 - Hashirama Senju
4 - Naruto

kakashi, pain, guy sensi, bee are all in the top 10