Dont u get it guys ? From now on there 2 thing that can happen . Frist is that Madara to complete his plan and this world will end . The second is Naruto to become the Jinchuriki of the Juubi . I dont think Sasuke will get the rinnega because he dont have any reason to get it . Madara awakes it before his death . Nagato awakes it when his parents were killed tell me 1 reason that make Sasuke capable to get the rinnegan ? He knows the truth , he talks to Itachi and he still wants to destroy konoha he wont get the rinnegan . Naruto will get the rinnegan in order to save the world cuz he has Izanaghi eye inside him this is UCHIHA KEKEGENKAI then NARUTO will USE THE RINNEGAN TO RESURECT EVERYONE WHO DIE IN THIS WAR FROM ALLIED SHINOBI FORCES AND NARUTO WILL SACRAFICE HIS LIFE AND THAT IS THE ANSWER HE WILL RESURECT EVERYONE AND THERE WILL NO HATRED AFTER THIS WAR EXCEPT THAT NARUTO WILL DIE REMEMBER MY WORDS