Naruto 610 Prediction
A Chance For Change

Obito - Yes
Madara - Lets Begin
Naruto - No Where To Late
Gai - Aaag Can't Move
Kakashi - The Chakra Is To Much
Obito - We Can Create The Dream World
Madara - Whats The We Thing
Obito - What
Naruto Clone - Wow It's Chakra Is So Peaceful
Bee - Naruto Lets Run
Naruto Clone - No Wait
Madara - Jubi I Resurrect I Will Control You
Obito - Wait This Isn't Part Of The Plan
Madara - You Usefulness Has Come To A End
Madara Cuts Obito's Hashirama Arm Off With His Susanoo Sword
Obito - Aaagh!!!
Kakashi - Obito!!!!
Jubi - You The One With Rinnegan
Madara - What You Pet
Jubi Makes 7 Bijuu Dama's And Fires Them At Madara And A Massive Explosion
Naruto Clone - Jubi
Jubi - What Little One
Jubi Has A Shocked Look
Jubi - Rikudō Sennin You Live In This Boy
Gyūki - Bee Run
Kurama - Naruto Lets Go
Naruto / Bee - No
Naruto's Clone Pops
Naruto - Jubi What Are You Going To Do
Jubi - I Want To Leave There No More Need For The Bijuu So I'm Take Gyūki And
Naruto - But Me Kurama Just Became Friends
Madara - Your Not Going Anywhere Jubi Your Mine For The Taking
Obito - Kakashi Get Away From Me
Kakashi - No Let Us Help You
Obito - I Said Stay Back You ****ing Trash
Madara Turn On His Perfect Susanoo And Runs At The Jubi
Jubi - Amaterasu Shinra Tensei
Naruto - No Way
Jubi Punch Madara's Perfect Susanoo And Completely Destroy It
Jubi - Human Path
Madara - Nooo!!!
The Jubi Pulls Out Madara's Soul And Crushs It In Her Hand
Jubi - Ok You
Naruto - Me
Jubi - Yes Come With Me
Jubi Teleports Herself And Naruto To Her Own World
Jubi - My Name Is Shinda
Naruto - Nice To Meet You Shinda
Shinda - Thank You Your Just Like Rikudō Sennin
Naruto - How Did Grandpa Rikudō Sennin Become A Jinchūriki
Shinda - Well He Stop The Other Human From Destroing My Temple But They Hurt Him Very Badly
Naruto - How Didn't He Have Rinnegan
Shinda - No
Naruto - Why
Shinda - Let Me Finish
Naruto - Sorry
Shinda - The Only Way To Save Was To Turn Him Into A Jinchūriki

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The Born Of The Sage Of Six Paths