If there's a one on one battle between Obito [as off 608] and Naruto [as off 608], I believe Naruto can counter each and every tech Obito has to offer.

Few Things about Current Naruto concerning this battle :

1. Naruto can make 2 BM clones + some KM and SM clones simultaneously [War Feat]
2. Naruto has total info on Obito's S/T and Ghost mode [Kamui]
3. Naruto can outlast Obito in chakra and raw power.
4. Naruto knows how to counter every Rinnegan ability.

5. Naruto is faster than Obito.
6. Naruto has greater Taijutsu.
7. Genjutsu won't work on Naruto.
8. Powerful Ninjtsus viz - TBB, mini TBB, FRS, Different Rasengans, Senjutsu, Frog Fu.

9. Fact - No one except Madara can tell if its a clone Naruto or the Real Naruto.
10. Feat - Currently on Par with Edo Madara, also fighting Obito + Edo Madara + Solo'd the war.

Now what you have to consider -

1. Obito no longer has the Gunabi.
2. Obito has lost his Edo Jinchurikis.
3. Obito hasn't shown any Rinnegan ability besides the Outer Path Chains.
4. Obito has locked the Gedo Mazo via Uchiha Kaenjin, so he can't use it.
5. Obito can use Kamui dimension for 5 Mins [Konan's Fight]

Main Counter to Kamui -

Naruto Last time BM Naruto + Kakshi countered Obito's Kamui. But Obito was smart enough to get that Naruto out of his dimension.

Now Obito's Kamui can rip the body parts unlike Kakahsi's so he'll have to take entire body. And with This many clones he can't really do it. And even if he does then there'll be Narutos in Kamui dimension and on the outside the thing that Obito would want to avoid at all costs. Or Naruto can SOLO him with with Speed + Mini TBB [Instantly].

So technically Obito's fighting style wont work against Naruto so the only thing lest for him to is to GTFO.

So what do you think Naruto > Obito? or Obito > Naruto?

Please share your opinion and no flaming please.