Out of these teams in naruto, who do you think will most likely take down the legendary sannin? I would really like to here you guys thoughts on this topic.

Note: Dont post on my thread if you are planning on basing your opinions on favoritism. I dont want no bs, post your opinion and explain why you believe that. And please dont come on this thread saying madara can take beat all of them.we all f*ckin know madara can do that. the reason i didnt put OP characters(like naruto and madara) in this is because it wouldnt be fair at all.

-The Uchiha Brothers (Sasuke and Itachi)
-The A-B Combo (A and Killer Bee)
-Team Taka (Sasuke, Suigetsu, Juugo, Karin)
-Puppet Masters (Sasori, Kankuro, Chiyo)
-The Six Paths (Deva, Asura, Human, Animal, Preta, and Naraka Paths)
-Any 3 akatsuki members(except tobi and nagato)

My Opinion? I would say the uchiha brothers are most likely to take down the legendary sannin. My reasons for saying this is because...

-their susanoo's are almost invincible. As we all know Itachi's susanoo has the totsuka blade that can put enemies in an infinite genjutsu and a shield that are immune to any ninjutsu. Sasuke's susanoo can shoot projectiles which is a great advantage when fighting close-combat enemies(tsunade). he also has a amaterasu shield that if touched by an enemy they would be ignited in flames. I would say that it would most likely be impossible for tsunade to do any close-combat or physical fighting.

-As we all know, Itachi is a god when it comes to genjutsu. Him and sasuke have caught Orochimaru in their genjutsus before and i believe they can do it again.As for Jiraiya, I think Jiraiya can escape their genjutsu maybe with ma and pa on his side. Maybe just maybe. We have never seen Tsunade fight with a genjutsu specialist before. So it would be hard for me to judge whether she will get caught in it or not. Well then again, Orochimaru knows more about the uchihas genjutsu and he still got caught in it so most likely tsunade will get caught in it.

In my speculations I would assume that...
Uchiha Brothers>Sannins in DEFENSE (Due to both Invincible susanoos)

Uchiha Brothers<Sannins in VITALITY (Tsunade's can constantly heal herself/teamates)

Uchiha Brothers>Sannins in OFFENSE (the legendary sannin all together have more abilities than the Uchiha Brothers but the Uchiha Brothers have more DAMAGING abilities)

Uchiha Brothers>Sannins in INTELLIGENCE (Both Sasuke and Itachi are both known for being a genius. Itachi is almost 10 moves ahead of his opponent and sasuke is known for being very evasive)

Uchiha Brothers<=Sannins in TACTICS (the uchiha brothers and the sannins are very close to tactics but i would say the sannins are alittle bit better than them in tactics. By analyzing their abilties their whole team was based on tactics, after all thats why they was the named the legendary sannin . During their times as a team, I would assume that Tsunade was the healer/supporter, Jiraiya was the Offensive Ninja and Orochimaru was the Decoy/Secondary offense)