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    Ten Tails *Spoiler Warning*

    Did anyone notice that the Ten Tails seemed kinda incomplete? I've noted in the past pictures of him, he pretty much stands like the 9 tails, plus he has his doujutsu. In the latest chapter he is laying on the ground with a different doujutsu. You can even see Madara's lamentation at the early revival. Tobi sure screwed up.

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    Re: Ten Tails *Spoiler Warning*

    I have a feeling Obito strength is going to play his downfall... Like watch Kakashi trick Obito into bringing the juubi into his dimention. Then somebody snatches Obito eye Walah! Ten tails stuck in another dimention.
    Nawh but im sure Kishi is going to prolong Naruto progression until he clash or gets aid from Sasuke. Either way some Leaf ninja gotta be sacrifice or else all this top ranked ninja action is meaningless. Its cool how Kurama is laid back letting Naruto piolot. We all know Madara might doublecross Obito since he slacked off perfecting the Juubi. Now we get to see how yin yang is intergrated and what ridoku no jitsu is

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