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    The Legendary Uchiha Madara! Madara/SO6P

    Okay is this is just a theory or prediction based on the info gained from the latest manga.

    Once again, Madara shows us that he is a boss… :D

    Heres my prediction: Now that Madara summoned the juubi I believe it's safe to say now or at least more plausible for him becoming the Sage of Six. We know that the Sage of Six controlled the Juubi and became the first host for it.

    1. Madara will become the Sage of Six (reincarnation)

    Here's why:

    A. Madara has most of the 6 paths. He has the five treasures are: the Bashōsen, Benihisago, Kōkinjō, Shichiseiken, and the Kohaku no Jōhei. All used by the Sage and all tools combined equal One Path.

    B. He now holds the DNA/Bloodline of The Senju, one of the direct decendants of the Sage. One Path

    C. He always held the Bloonline/DNA of The Uchiha, the other decendant of the Sage. One Path

    D. The now possesses The Rinnegan, the eyes of the Sage. One Path

    E. The always held the eyes of the Uchiha, The Sharingan. One Path

    F. He has obtained or at least has some chakra from every tailed beast. to revive the Juubi One Path


    But thats not all….

    I also think the stage has been set for him to become the Sage for these reasons.

    A. He has now summoned the juubi, I think become the controller of the Juubi (or at least attempt to)

    B. He knows the Creation of All Things Technique he used it and harshima's dna to create Zetsu. Here's a link of Madara talking about teaching them to Obito. (though I am unsure if he actually taught them to Obito?) lol

    C. At the end of Manga chapter 609, when the juubi is revived Madara just says oh well… lol. This could be because maybe he thinks he can control it? 2. Maybe because it's useless to go against it? or it could be for both those reasons.

    D. Plus he has all Six Paths.

    * Again this is just a theory but we will see what happens. Let me know your thoughts? What do you think?
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