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    If Naruto beats the Ten-Tails

    Alright this chapter 609 didn't satisfy me. I really just wanted to take a small break from the whole fighting against Madara. I really miss Sasuke's part in the story. Now that Kishimoto decided to show us the Ten-tails which looks like a crustacean water animal. He should really skip to Sasuke next week or in two weeks. I mean was the point in showing more of the fight? They have failed to stop the transformation of the Mazo. The goal was to stop the Mazo but it's too late so now the story should take a break from Naruto, Gai, Bee, and Kakashi. I feel that the action has been good, but the whole Kakashi and Obito moments are becoming boring to watch.

    Madara didn't do anything special since his arrival in the battlefield, so he did techniques such as Uchiha Return and Wood Style Dragon, but he sure was lying about capturing both of the final beasts. I was expecting to see Perfect Susanoo on the battlefield, but i guess he must be saving it for Sasuke... Madara has been disappointing sort of late. Talk about overconfident saying that you will beat the two jinchuriki hosts just to fail on capturing them, for the Juubi to have absolute power. The scene with Obito bleeding was priceless and enjoyable to watch. That at least showed a little blood.

    Mainly this chapter explained the reasons of the unlimited chakra supply. Kakashi had extreme exhaustion from overusing his chakra, but Kurama gave him some of his chakra to replenish Kakashi. So i was glad to see that Kishimoto spilled the beans on how he was fighting for so long with no signs of fatigue. Now for more pressing matters on this current chapter. How will Naruto defeat the Ten-tails in battle? I would feel that if he wins against the Ten-tails right now would destroy the credibility of the beast.

    Answer the following:

    1) Will Kishimoto make Naruto beat the Ten-tails in his current condition?
    2) Who do you want to see die soon?
    3) Should Kishimoto focus the story to Sasuke in the following week?
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