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    Monster Island - Sector Alpha "The Valley"

    Monster Island - Sector Alpha "The Valley"
    The Valley is located within the Alpha sector of Monster Island. Monster Island is located South-West of the Earth Country, in the Kakushi Sea. The Valley itself is located directly in the center of Monster Island's gruesome forest. The Valley has a very circular formation, having a radius of about long range, having fifty meter high walls of highly condensed stone protecting it. On the west side of the valley lays a waterfall that drains down water directly from the main forest. This drained water is dispersed throughout the valley into one meter wide river cracks. The Valley is filled with five, ten meter tall round pillars, which are five meters in diameter, having three feet of grass and vegetation growing upon them. On the east side of the valley lays a huge pile of highly condensed stone debris that has blocked off the one and only walking exit. This Valley was used in the past by the villagers of Monster Island to imprison anyone incapable of using chakra to escape. Throughout the years, Alexander Akimichi mistakenly found the valley and made it his favorite training place. He himself, knows it like the back of his hand, and loves having it as his battle terrain.
    Rei's Rules & Regulations
    Unofficial Open Spar
    All out fight
    Medium Range
    I'll be standing on the left pillar as you are standing on the right one, having the other pillars medium range away from us.
    You may go first if you'd like

    Alexander is seen at a distance sitting ia a meditative pose with his eyes closed having Kamisama on his back during this beautiful day.

    Kamisama かみさま God's Sacrifice
    Type: Weapon
    Rank: A
    Range: Short - Medium
    Chakra: 30
    Damage: N/A (+10 Wind Combinations)
    Description: Kamisama is a weapon which was crafted by Alexander himself, after reading and analyzing information throughout the years about Madara Uchiha's infamous weapon. Kamisama is a medium sized war-fan rivaling the height of an average shionbi when placed along side with one another. The light brown fins decorated with a strange symbol on each end of the war-fan are made of a very lightweight and durable material that does not conduct electricity, nor is it able to be engulfed in flames. The core of the war-fan is a nearly indestructible pole with a thin rubber layer to avoid conductivity that is bandaged up from the bottom end all the way to the middle of the poll. At the very bottom of the pole lays a very lightweight, thin, and durable chain link which appears to have metallic spheres evenly spaced every three inches which ensures enhanced gripping. The other end of the chain-link is connected to a medium sized nearly indestructible scythe which was rumored to be one of Madara's deadliest weapons in combination with the war-fan. Just like the pole, the scythe's hand is also laced in a thin layer of rubber with bandages covering the entire thing up to the blade itself. The chain-link is long enough to allow Alexander to throw his scythe up to medium range distance similar to Hidan's scythe. Both the war-fan and scythe are strapped in the center of his back in an "X" manner. The unique ability of the war fan is to coat elemental projectile-type techniques with wind chakra. When the user releases an elemental projectile type technique, he will swing the fan and coat the technique with wind chakra, causing the technique in question to be turned into a XX/wind combination. Meaning that if the user releases a fireball and swings the fan, it would turn into a fire/wind combination. Although it does not boost the rank nor size of the technique in question, it does boost them by ten damage points. In order to release the projectile techniques successfully and coat them in wind, Alexander found out a way to exchange hand signs for fan swings. Meaning that for every two hand seals required in a projectile type technique, the user is required to swing his fan once. (ex: If I release a fire technique that requires four hand seals, I would need to swing the fan twice as I then release the fire and coat it in wind, increasing its damage while it maintains the same rank.) The wind enhancement would not be effective against lightning techniques because the lightning technique in question would disperse. Kamisama is chakra reactive, which if channeled with expansion chakra it will expand at the users will. Expanding it refers to using any variation of the Akimichi clan's expansion techniques and so leading to count towards the user's jutsu per turn. When releasing a wind style technique from Kamisama, the technique in question would automatically receive the ten damage boost due to the fact that is not physically possible to create a wind/wind combination. The user is also able to release physical projectiles like kunais, shuriken, senbons etc and coat them in wind chakra for increased speed and damage. This is accomplished in the same manner that the elemental projectile techniques are enhanced into combinations.

    ▵ Utilizing the expansion ability requires an Akimichi biography
    ▵ Can only be wielded by Hard
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