To be fair, I'm a bit disappointed that they're just 5, and by their looks. They look way too extraordinary for my tastes (my own opinion, don't judge). But, oh well, guess it's really them.

Here's my take on them:

Fat lady - Looks kind, definetly will start fights with a few jokes, but later turn serious when excercising her power. Know Kubo, she's probably the fastest one of them all, not so sure about strongest. Just like Hachi, I think she's master of the kidou.

Guy on the left - Everything about his says Shunsui, so I take it he's either related or his predecessor. The hat, straw, if anything, he looks a bit more sinister than Shunsui.

Middle guy, In my own opinion, strongest one, their leader. Definetly looks most leaderish of them all, and does really resemble Kenpachi in a way.

Hottest one - I'm not certain, but i think that pic of her above is a fan art. She looks guilty as hell and I take it she's Kirio Mikifune. Not much to say about her, apart that she's hottest one from them all.

The right guy - Looks like that Vaizard, forgot his name, with the brute force. Looks like a physical type of fighter, that kills stuff with sheer force.