The reason why im saying this is because of the fanboys of all characters THEY AVOID ALL LOGIC AND NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY THEY WON'T LISTIN so im thinking whats the point of posting an counter argument & wasting my time with someone the spams the same invalid reason over & over again. It gets so boring reading something like this "Minato FTG rapes itachi" and then they come up with a boring counter argument like this "his genjutsu would not pose a threat hes 2 fast"or say how a minato somehow sh!ts all over itachi abilities etc with just speed. I feel that talking 2 these people involving their favorite character makes no sense cause of there just gonna disagree with you & make some BS excuse. The only threads to me worth reading or watching is Dr.Proof or -Logic- because they actually give valid arguments & reason or statements you feel like ur not wasting ur time talking 2 them. So im asking is NB still fun 2 you ? (Only used these two cause I mostly see them do this on NB another good person I think would be negative knight & etc not going into that right now)