When chapter 608 came out and Kakashi took a beating from Obito, we got a whole bunch of threads like:
"Kakashi was stomped"
"Kakashi getting what he deserves"
"Kakashi is pathetic"
"Kakashi was overrated"

Now that chapter 609 has come out and it's the opposite - Obito took the beating from Kakashi, another type of threads starts to appear:
"Obito is pathetic"
"Lol Obito is a retard"
"Obito was overrated"

Seriously, what the hell? A character is attacked and everyone jumps to the conclusions and say how pathetic and weak the attacked character is. And what's more funny, when the situation is reversed, exactly the same happens, just regarding the other character.

I'll never get the logic of some people on the Base.