So, Kakashi haters would say kakashi got free chakra and then they would end up saying he didn't improve at all and will say he will die after using 3 kamui :sy:

And kakashi fanboys will keep saying this is the only time kakashi got free chakra and before this point, he was all on his own.

This is going to be a fan war now , People are gonna post useless prove threads that kakashi got chakra here and there whenever he was near naruto.

this will get annoying for me , too much idiots on the base.. :sy: now.
i am gonna take a break from NB, will come next wednesday now .. CYA !!:ice:

But BEFORE I SAY BYE, i am adding a POLL, As we say MAJORITY WINS, PLZ ask your friends and everyone you know to vote in the POLL,

Thanks for voting !