ok is there any way to defeat the jubi.i dont think that even if naruto,sasuke,k11,kages,captians and the whole ninja alliance fight against it they will lose.the only people who even stand a chance against it are dead.(nit including madara).so6p and hashirama are the best known ninja's who will even stand a chance against jubi.

so here are the ways i think jubi might get defeated.most of thees ways are almost impossible.then again it's naruto.kishi has done lot's of things recently that question what we know.

jubi's current power level.
first of all jubi is not powerful as he was when so6p sealed him the first time.jubi is missing the 9 and 8 tails.the most powerfull two bijjus.1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28or29.(counting with fingers).9+8=17.so the jubi is missing a lot of power.meaning there's a chance that it can be defeated by some one very powerful.

ok here are the people who has best chances of defeating or even solo it.
so6p is the most powerful shinobi and he's sealed the jubi before and if by any means he gets revived he can do it.

2.hashirama senju
hashiramas is able to solo madara and kubi at the same time and defeat them.hashirama's mukton is able to absorb kubi chakra so it might do some amount of damage.so hashirama clearly stand's a chance against a jubi who is not yet at full power.

3.edo madara/madara
kabuto stated that edo madara has a quatar of so6p's power so madara must be some challange to the jubi when he is not at full power because edo madara has unlimited chakra and stamina.

madara not as an edo is incredibally powerfull too.having senju DNA,rinnegan,mukton that supresses kubi chakra and EMS makes him a good opponent against the current jubi.

obito can teleport himslf into his MS dimension defending himself against the jubi.he also has the ms,mukton,rinnegan.

5. itachi(he was never sealed.can be revived again).
itachi has the wepons of so6p.the yata mirror wich can defend against any ninjutsu and the totsuka blade wich seals the target when made contact immediently.so if by any way in wich itachi's totsuka blade makes contact with the jubi it will be sealed.

minato has the RDS.in wich if he is able to get close he will surely be able to atleast seal 1/3 of the jubi.

7.naruto&Sasuke&killer B: togather naruto and sasuke&KILLER B might stand a chance against the jubi or worn it out.

aside from thees seven i see no one who is able to even stand up at the jubi's pressence.
i made this list assuming that the jubi is not at full power.
sorry for any spelling mistakes.

the sealed character's are included the possibility that sasuke's scroll might have the way on how the sealed
characters can be revived.

don't flame me if u think that any of thees cannot stand a chance up to the jubi.

your thoughts plese.post if u have any better ideas.