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    The Mangekyou Sharingan will not work on the Juubi! I have proof!


    The Juubi's shell absorbs Kakashis Kamui, just as Pains jutsu absorbed all ninjutsu.


    The Juubi possesses a combination of the Sharingan and the Rinnegan!


    This also consists of all other MS techniques that we know about, including Amaterasu!

    The reason for this is that the MS and all of its techniques originate from the Juubi itself! Which was said in a popular thread once! I believe that thread was made by The Hidden Shinobi or maybe someone else, regardless...this is true.

    Now if someone is going to be *.....* and tell me that Obito stopped the Kamui on the shell with his own Kamui from 20 feet away, don't bother cuz you won't get a response from me, you should understand why....

    On another's time to be scared shitless people, the Juubi is alive again!!

    The only known person who stopped its incredible power lived thousands of years ago and no one even comes close to his power today!

    Panic people!
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